Here’s Everything We Know About Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring

Emma Stone has been having an amazing career over the past few years, and now it looks like her love life has been blossoming right alongside it.

She’s been quietly dating Saturday Night Live segment director and writer Dave McCary, and a recent social media post shows that the happy couple is engaged.

Here’s what we know about their out-of-the-spotlight love life and that gorgeous ring. 

Emma stone on the red carpet
Emma Stone | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

They met on the set of Saturday Night Live

Back in late 2016, Stone hosted SNL. Part of her performance on the episode was a sketch called “Wells for Boys,” which McCary directed.

Since the pair has been so quiet about their relationship, we don’t know for sure if they started dating right after they met on set or not, but it’s clear that sparks started flying. By 2017, they’d been spotted out together on several date nights. 

Their engagement post was on social media

We may never have caught wind of their engagement at all if it weren’t for a cute social media post. McCary posted a picture of himself and Stone smiling at the camera. Stone holds up her left hand with a (slightly out-of-focus) ring on her finger. 

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Fans filled up the comments with their congratulations and heart emojis, thrilled to see the pair making this huge announcement. Meanwhile, Stone made no big announcement on Instagram, but that’s because she doesn’t have an account—a fact that was a source of great amusement when she appeared on Billy on the Street

The ring is untraditional but on trend

While the photo McCary posted is a little hard to see clearly, we know quite a bit about the ring. McCary went with an unconventional choice when he opted for a ring that centers a pearl instead of a more traditional diamond. The ring was designed by Tokyo-based designer Kataoka.

Several of the designer’s pieces, including Stone’s new ring, are available at Catbird. The ring (called the “Winter Pearl Ring”) is available for $4,780.

Katie Zimmerman, Chief Merchandising Officer for the largest online fine jewelry and diamond retailer, says that the vintage look of the ring is right in line with expected styles for the upcoming year: “Emma’s beautiful engagement ring is on trend with what we’re expecting in 2020.”

Stone’s ring is beautiful but modest for a celebrity

While Stone’s ring is definitely gorgeous and trendsetting, it’s notably modest for a celebrity. Take Hailey Baldwin, for instance. She’s now married to Justin Bieber, and he proposed with a ring he designed himself with an oval-shaped diamond that’s estimated to have cost at least $250,000. When Jason Statham proposed to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, he did so with a round-cut diamond that cost around $350,000. 

Stone is known for her down-to-earth personality. When she did an interview for Rolling Stone just as her movie La La Land was picking up Oscar buzz, she told the reporter that she focuses on what’s right in front of her rather than speculating about the future. “I just focus on what I’ve got to do at any one moment, and don’t necessarily think about where it’s all leading,” Stone explained. 

This is right in line with the comedic work Stone is known for as well as her overall reputation for being someone enjoyable and friendly to be around. Having a more modest engagement ring fits in with this overall persona of being grounded, and the fact that she’s engaged to someone who is not a well-known celebrity means that the pair will be better able to live a quieter, more reserved life. 

While we don’t have any details about the upcoming ceremony, we can expect that this duo will likely have an understated and romantic event—possibly at some remote destination where their privacy will be assured and they can relax with their close friends and family as they celebrate their big day.