Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolf’s New Netflix Movie ‘Wine Country’

Our prayers of having a film that features our favorite female comedians has finally been answered!

It has recently been revealed that Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph are joining forces for a brand new film that will be coming to Netflix.

Amy Poehler
Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler attend the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019| Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Wine Country will have you cherish your friendships with your closest girlfriends and speak to those who just love enjoying a few glasses of wine with their besties.

The film has an amazing cast

Break out the bottle of pinot and get cozy for a night in with the queens of comedy.

Along with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, Wine Country is set to star Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, and Emily Spivey.

The film follows Rebecca, a woman celebrating her 50th birthday whose best friend Abby (played by Poehler) plans a 50th birthday getaway trip to Napa with their besties: Catherine (Ana Gasteyer), Val (Paula Pell), Jenny (Emily Spivey), and Naomi (Rudolph).

Wine Country is a comedy about longtime friends going on a trip to celebrate a 50th birthday,” Poehler tells PEOPLE. “It is loosely based on a real trip that myself and the cast took, and it’s an attempt to show what deep and lasting female friendships look like.”

Along with the film paying homage to life-long friendship many people are fortunate enough to have, the film is actually based off of a real-life trip the group of friends/cast members took together before filming.

“In many ways, the film is a long conversation between funny women who don’t mind making emotional deep dives,” Poehler continues. “They discover they aren’t connecting the way they used to because they aren’t keeping their relationships. It’s a love story to all the women in my life who hold me up, and it’s told by the funniest and deepest women I know.”

With the mounds of comedy this film includes, it will also feature some past drama and tension that resurface as the women begin to realize their lives outside of their friendship is not all that’s cracked up to be.

“Celebrating a girls weekend, huh?” Tina Fey’s character asks in the trailer. “Just remember, guys, whatever gets said is probably what the person has always felt and the alcohol just let it out.”

Wine Country has a perfect balance of fantastic one-liners and physical comedy that you definitely do not want to miss out on. Especially Rudolph’s character, Naomi, falling off a piano as she tries to serenade her friend.

SNL alum will pack on the laughs

Not only does Wine Country bring together everyone’s favorite female comedians, but it will also be Amy Poehler’s directorial debut.

Poehler isn’t the only Saturday Night Live alum who is part of the film’s production. As it turns out, Wine Country is the brainchild of SNL writing alums, Liz Cackowski and Emily Spivey.

Wine Country will debut in select theaters on May 8th and will debut on Netflix May 10.