Here’s How ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Changed The Ending To ‘AHS: Hotel’

American Horror Story is unique for many reasons, but the biggest might be that it’s an anthology series. Even though the seasons are different, they’re all connected. Similar names pop up here and there, but it wasn’t until Season 8 that Ryan Murphy brought back a whole cast of characters from two separate seasons. And now those seasons clashing probably changed a third, completely different season’s storyline as well.

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‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ reset everything after Season 4

To recap, Season 8 was American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and it revolved around Tate Langdon and Vivien Harmon’s son Michael, who is now the Anti-Christ. To take him down, the witches from Coven came back, including Cordelia, the Supreme, Zoe Benson, and Madison Montgomery. 

It also surprisingly brought back Mr. March from Hotel, who’s playing cards with Queenie (also from Coven). Back in Season 5, Queenie checked in at the Hotel Cortez but was killed by Ramona Royale. Apocalypse revisits her ghost, and Michael brings her back to life to prove himself. 

However, none of it matters because, at the end of Season 8, Mallory goes back in time and resets everything post Coven, including Hotel (Freak Show takes place in the past and wouldn’t be affected). 

Queenie now survives because Mallory warns her about Hotel Cortez

When put into perspective, it means a lot of things didn’t happen as the viewers saw them. A post on Reddit from user u/w1nt3r98 points out that Moira never went to the other side to be with her mother, Myrtle didn’t come back, and Violet and Tate aren’t together. Another is Queenie’s death, which now doesn’t happen.

Mallory remembers everything, but none of the others do. So, when she meets the Coven members, again, Queenie mentions going to Los Angeles and staying at the Hotel Cortez. Mallory urges her to stay anywhere else, ultimately saving her life because she knows what type of hell waits at the Cortez for Queenie. 

This could, hypothetically, change the ending to ‘Hotel’

In his new timeline, Queenie remains alive, and Ramona doesn’t drink from Queenie’s blood, therefore not gaining special powers from it. Without these powers, she won’t defeat the Countess. Thus wholly changing the ending to Hotel

Another Reddit user, u/yhvh13, wrote what this alternate ending could look like. “Can you imagine, if Ramona wasn’t powerful, she didn’t face the Countess, and maybe delayed her leaving the Hotel,” they wrote. “Her death by the elevator door seemed quite a bad luck, and since she takes pride in being smart to survive all the years, perhaps a different situation made her evade John altogether, maybe even killing him… Queenie never being in the Hotel caused the Countess to live.”

Will the witches from Coven come back to give some answers? 

Lady Gaga’s Countess possibly lives on, and fans might get to see her Golden Globe-winning performance again. According to Murphy, the Coven will undoubtedly show up again, too. “The witches will be back,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “Not next season [Season 10], but we have something really fun planned.”

Will a showdown happen with the vampire-like Gaga and the wicked witches of New Orleans? Will answers to what has changed also come up? There’s a world of possibilities. Only time will tell.