Here’s How Much Money Jeff Bezos’ Wife Received From Their High-Profile Amazon Divorce

In one of the most shocking entertainment news story of the past year, Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie Bezos, announced their divorce back in early January. A lot more unfolded once the announcement took place, but one question on everyone’s mind was how the two were going to split the Amazon fortune — they didn’t have a prenup. Now, the two have officially finalized their divorce, and here’s who is getting what.

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos
Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos divorced after 25 years. | Jörg Carstensen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos announced their divorce in January 2019

The Amazon couple had been married since before Amazon was founded. While Jeff was the mastermind behind the company to begin with (he quit his job to pursue an idea for a website that sold books), the two put a joint effort into the company throughout the years. And when they wed back in the 1990s, before Amazon was anything near what it is today, they didn’t get a prenup. So when the two announced their surprising divorce in January 2019, people instantly assumed they’d split the company 50/50. This would have made Mackenzie Bezos the richest woman in the world. But nobody knew exactly how the divorce would play out.

The public then learned that Jeff had been seeing another woman for sometime

Just as the divorce news broke, another scandal appeared. As it turned out, Bezos had been seeing another woman for quite some time. It appeared he and Mackenzie had been having marriage problems for a little while, and Jeff met his mistress, Lauren Sanchez, while working on Blue Origin, his spaceflight services company. The two reportedly had been seeing each other for about nine months before the divorce was announced.

Scandal broke when explicit photos of Jeff were leaked

To add insult to injury, the divorce got a lot messier once explicit photos of Bezos were leaked to the National Enquirer. As if the affair wasn’t already embarrassing for the billionaire, the photos only added to the whole story. And an investigation found that the brother of Bezos’ mistress was the one who leaked the photos. The Wall Street Journal found that Sanchez’s brother had been paid $200,000 for the photos. And all of this was happening while the couple was still trying to finalize their divorce.

Mackenzie will get $35 billion in the divorce settlement

On April 3, news broke that Jeff and Mackenzie had finally reached a divorce settlement. Jeff would keep 75% of his stake in Amazon, and Mackenzie would get 25%. Mackenzie’s shares equate to about $35 billion, and she now has a 4% stake in the company overall. Jeff now has a 12% stake. Amazon is currently worth an estimated $140 billion. People were certain the couple would split things 50/50, but it’s possible that their divorce was more civil than the public expected. 4% may seem like a small stake, but Mackenzie is still one of the wealthiest women in the world now that their relationship is said and done.

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