Here’s How Thanos Is Still Alive After Tony Stark’s Snap

Disney+ is already a household favorite for many in America. It launched Nov. 12 and has a huge selection of past Disney and Disney Channel movies, as well as TV shows. There are a few originals, but a major section of content is all about the MCU. And no Marvel collection would be complete without Avengers: Endgame, and it delivers. 

With the inclusion of this movie, fans also got a ton of bonus features, like featurettes and deleted scenes. One of those cut moments holds some info about the Titan, Thanos

A cosplayer poses as Thanos at New York Comic Con 2019.
A cosplayer poses as Thanos during New York Comic Con 2019 | Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

Disney+ not only gave audiences old movies, but added their special features, too

Not only were DVD extras included for a lot of the movies, but for Endgame even more was added. There were a total of 18 deleted scenes from the movie on Disney+, with one prominent scene showing what happend after Tony Stark’s Snap. 

It showed Stark waking up in the Way station in the Soul Stone, and he’s met by the adult version of his daughter Morgan, played Katherin Langford. 

One deleted scene from ‘Endgame’ goes in-depth about where the snap sends people

But one more deleted scene caught ScreenRant’s eye, and it was an extended version of Bruce Banner’s talk with the Ancient One during the Battle of New York. She explains to Bruce what happens with the snap from an Infinity Gauntlet and it’s not death. 

As many have guessed, those that turned to dust just ceased to exist but weren’t killed. “She suggests that there’s an important functional difference between killing someone and doing what Thanos did, which she describes as willing people out of existence,” they write. “Death is final, the snap is not; resurrection is impossible even with the power of the Infinity Stones, but the snap can be undone.”

So Peter Parker, T’Challa, Bucky, and everyone else who were lost in the Blip didn’t “die,” which is why they were able to come back. But characters like Vision and Gamora physically died, which the Soul Stone or any Infinity Stone cannot bring back. 

This means that Thanos and his army is in limbo somewhere, and all it would take is a follower that got away or someone else to snap them all right back into existence. 

Why didn’t Doctor Strange see this?

First off, Doctor Strange saw 14 million possible futures, but only the one where Tony Stark sacrifices himself resulted in a win for the Avengers, and Earth. This was the first confirmation that the Snap doesn’t kill anyone, because if it did, then Strange wouldn’t have been able to foresee anything after the first Snap in Infinity War

The Ancient One told him in Doctor Strange that whoever possesses the Time Stone can obviously see the future, but only to their point of death. So if Strange and everyone who went out in the Blip “died,” Strange would have only seen till that point. 

With this in mind, it also confirms what the deleted scene tells us, making this canon (if there was any question that it wasn’t). But why didn’t Strange see that Thanos wasn’t actually dead? While this would allow the Avengers to take some preventative measures, Strange didn’t see this because he wasn’t looking for it. As ScreenRant also points out, he’s only looking at possibilities regarding Earth and the team. 

It’s possible that Marvel will never revisit Thanos again, and choose to move forward with different villains. But it’s a little unnerving, now that you know Thanos is just lurking out there, one snap away from ending the Avengers. Again.