Here’s How The Antichrist Works in ‘American Horror Story’

The FX show American Horror Story has so much going on each season. The plots usually have a twist, the characters are all doing sadistic things, and there are always some underlying messages or hints in the episodes. Between all that and the horror, some plot points can seem like holes or generally confusing. One of those things is the Antichrist aspect and how it works throughout the series thus far. 

The cast of 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' at the FYC red carpet for the show at NeueHouse Hollywood.
The cast of ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ at the FYC red carpet for the show at NeueHouse Hollywood | Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Michael Langdon is the Antichrist for most of the series

By Season 8, Apocalypse, the Antichrist is fully grown, even though it took him a much shorter time than the average human. Michael Langdon is in charge of an operation that praises Satan and revels at the end of the world. Because Michael was Satan’s son, he had all the powers the witches had, making them think he could be the Supreme, even though a man has never held that position. 

He is Satan’s son, of course, but was conceived when Tate Langdon raped Vivien Harmon all the way back in Season 1, bringing this part of the story full circle. This also allowed Ryan Murphy to crossover two of the most-loved seasons of the show: Murder House and Apocalypse

Why was Tate able to impregnate Vivien but no one else

Season 8 revealed a lot about the first few seasons. One of the bigger revelations involved Tate Langdon and all the horrible things he did while alive and also once dead. Madison Montgomery notices that Violet is causing herself misery by staying away from Tate. Madison then tells her that Tate didn’t have that much control over his actions. The house had a negative, sinister influence over him like it does with many of the men that live there. 

Knowing this, Satan used Tate as an instrument to bring about his son, the Antichrist. Presumably, Tate can’t get another live woman pregnant, but the prophecy passed from Pope to Pope had to be fulfilled. So under these circumstances, an evil force allowed Tate to impregnate Vivien while in the Rubber Man suit. This could also explain why Tate was able to step off the property to retrieve the suit after Ben throws it out. The ghosts of Murder House can’t step outside of the gate unless it’s Halloween. 

Michael Langdon’s birth is a perverse twist on Jesus Christ’s birth

Reddit user u/Malters_Machuchu summed it up really well. “[Vivien’s pregnancy] was mockingly meant to parallel the Virgin Mary alternatively getting pregnant by the Holy Spirit, with Tate being a dark spirit,” they wrote. “Fittingly, Tate was described as what you would imagine the Devil to look like if he was beautiful.” 

Basically, a ghost getting a live person pregnant was a one-time thing in Tate’s case. Specifically orchestrated by Satan on a portal to hell, aka the Murder House. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a satanic way

Cody Fern arrives who plays the antichrist Michael Langdon in 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' at the FYC red carpet event at Neuehouse.
Cody Fern arrives who plays the antichrist Michael Langdon in ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ at the FYC red carpet event at Neuehouse | Chris Delmas / AFP via Getty Images

While this was a one-time thing, it also isn’t the only way Satan can create a devious spawn. Mallory goes back in time to 2015 and runs Michael over with her car before he’s visited by Miriam Mead. At this point, he’s still just a child in his mind and hasn’t come into his powers nor does he find out his parentage and meaning. The coven thinks that they’ve dodged the apocalypse and the future is restored. 

However, Satan had a backup plan. If you recall, Timothy Campbell and Emily had “perfect” DNA, which is why they were included Outpost 3. While it wasn’t apparent right away, by the end of the season, the reasoning behind saving them is revealed. These two are soulmates, drawn to each other because they can create the Antichrist. 

Neither one of them is a ghost, and they both try to be good people in their lives. But they were picked by Satan to create his evil child. This is probably why the “no sex” rule in Outpost 3 existed. No official reason was given for it on the show, so maybe if they had conceived a child while Michael was still alive, something bad (or worse) could have happened.