Here’s How to Watch ‘Chopped’ Online

Reality competition shows are some of America’s favorite things to watch on television — and there’s plenty of them to choose from. Music lovers can root for their favorite singers on The Voice, fitness fanatics (or wannabees) can watch the athletically gifted compete for the title of America Ninja Warrior.

And of course, anyone even remotely interested in food can watch a number of cooking game shows on channels like Fox and Food Network.

Shows like Chopped have been around for years, and if you’ve only just started watching, you might be tempted to spend some quality time with host Ted Allen and catch up on what you’ve missed over a long weekend.

Here’s how to watch previous episodes of Chopped online — and the not-so-secret bonus show you can only find on YouTube.

How long has Chopped been on the air?

Chopped food network

Chopped | Food Network

Chopped is a reality competition show on Food Network that challenges contestants to cook meals with a specific list of ingredients and a time limit.

A panel of judges rates contestants’ finished dishes based on taste, presentation, and creativity. The losing contestant at the end of each round is said to be “chopped” from the competition and is sent home.

The series first premiered in January of 2009, and its first season lasted 13 episodes. Seasons since have consisted of as many as 20 episodes and as few as eight.

Since 2011, Chopped has also aired specials such as Chopped: All-Stars. These multi-part episodes follow the same format and concept as the regular show, but feature specialized contestants and bigger prizes. All-Stars, for example, featured celebrity chefs and winning contestants from other Food Network shows.

The show is currently on Season 42. Here’s how you can watch them all (or some of them, depending on where you go).

Here’s where you can watch Chopped online

The nice thing about a series like Chopped is that order really doesn’t matter. You don’t have to start binge-watching from the beginning to understand what’s going on. Pick pretty much any episode of any season and settle in.

Can’t sit down to watch during the week and don’t have any episodes recorded for later viewing? You’re not totally out of luck. There are a few places online you can stream episodes — some for free, but most for a very small fee.

  • Amazon Prime — You can purchase episodes and stream them using your Amazon Prime account for $2.99 each.
  • Hulu — Hulu subscribers can watch full episodes of the show with their subscription. However, not all episodes are available for streaming.
  • iTunes — Most episodes are available for $1.99 each.
  • YouTube — Seasons of the show are available for $24.99 each.

You can also watch select full episodes of the show on the Food Network’s website. These episodes include short commercial breaks.

Why you should watch Chopped After Hours

If you enjoy Chopped, you might also enjoy Chopped After Hours. These online-exclusive shorts challenge the show’s judges to prepare their own dishes using tough combinations of ingredients.

Under far less pressure than the contestants they judge and chop on the show, they have a lot of fun joking around with each other while making (mostly) good food.

You can find Chopped: After Hours episodes on Food Network’s YouTube channel. Chopped airs on Food Network on Tuesdays at 9/8c.