Here’s Which Netflix Plans Will Be Increasing in Price and When

Netflix has announced that it will be raising prices for some of its subscription plans. So which Netflix plans are going to be going up, and when will this happen?

According to Mashable, Netflix is raising the price of its standard, two screens plan from $9.99 to $10.99. It’s also raising the price of its four screens plan from $11.99 to $13.99. However, the most basic plan, which only includes one screen and currently costs $7.99, will not be seeing a price increase at all.

If you aren’t sure which plan you’re subscribed to, just go to the “account” page on Netflix by mousing over your profile in the top right hand corner. Then scroll down to “plan details.” If you see “2 Screens + HD” or “4 Screens + Ultra HD,” that means your bill will be going up next month, either by $1 or $2 respectively. If you see “1 screen,” your bill is staying the same.

Netflix released series American Vandal on Sept. 16, 2017.

The Netflix logo. | John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

Netflix plans to put this price increase into effect in November, although subscribers will be officially notified of the changes on Oct. 19. You will have at least 30 days of notice until your bill goes up, and so the actual date when you’ll start paying more will vary a bit depending on your personal billing cycle.

The streaming service previously changed its prices back in 2016, when the standard plan went up from $8.99 to $9.99 per month (though older customers were paying $7.99). It also introduced the cheaper $7.99 plan at this point.

These price increases come as Netflix is spending more and more on original content. The streaming service evidently plans to spend $1.5 billion on original programming in 2017. They clearly spare no expense when it comes to making their shows. Just take a look at The Crown, a series that is currently the most expensive TV show of all time, with the first season costing about $130 million, according to The Daily Beast.

The Crown | Netflix

With budgets like that, price increases were inevitable. But it remains to be seen what will be the long-term effect of these increases and of Netflix focusing more and more on original programming while losing other content, such the entire Disney library, which will be moving to Disney’s own streaming service after 2019.