Here’s What Kate Middleton ‘Envies’ About Meghan Markle

Not too many people would think that Kate Middleton is envious of anyone. We would imagine that it is the other way around: The Duchess of Cambridge lives at Kensington Palace, is beautiful inside and out, has a wardrobe is to die for, has three adorable children, and is married to a prince. That is quite a life!

To top it off, Kate has such an easygoing, friendly way about her. She always greets members of the public with a smile, putting people at ease with her warm disposition. This is why it is surprising to learn that there is something about Meghan Markle that Kate envies.

When Meghan and Prince Harry got married, there were rumors of a feud between the sisters-in-law, although it seems that all is good between them now ever since they were seen acting friendly at an event at Westminster Abbey. So, what is it that Kate envies about Meghan?

What type of personality does Kate Middleton have?

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

According to, Kate definitely has a sensitive personality. She is creative, which we know from the things she has done, such as the drawing that she did on Pippa Middleton’s wedding invitation. According to the owner of a pub near where Kate grew up in Bucklebury, England, the duchess is “down to earth” and “very normal.”

Another friend of Kate’s says that she is also “very measured, very controlled.” It would seem as if Kate definitely has a wonderful, genuine personality that goes a long way when she is carrying out her royal duties. Kate always seems to handle royal life with ease, but we have to keep in mind that it isn’t always so easy to live your life with so many people watching.

Why is Kate Middleton envious of Meghan Markle?

New reports are saying that Kate is actually a bit envious of Harry’s wife. Why is this? According to a palace insider, Kate gets overwhelmed in front of large crowds at public events, even after all the years of being part of the royal family. When she makes an appearance, all eyes are on her, and she is constantly being photographed, so it is completely understandable that she may get a little nervous at times. After all, very few people are as closely watched as the future queen.

Meghan, on the other hand, is totally at ease in front of the huge groups of people that gather at events to try and catch a glimpse or even receive a handshake from one of the members of the royal family. It turns out that Kate is envious of her sister-in-law’s comfort in front of the huge crowds.

Are Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton on good terms?

Does Kate’s slight envy mean that she and Meghan are actually not on good terms with each other? Not at all! It would appear that they are just fine. Luckily, rumors of tension between the two duchesses have long since died down, and they have been seen interacting with each other and acting as if all is well.

At the Commonwealth Day Service, while Meghan was still pregnant with Archie, it was wonderful to see Meghan and Kate greet each other with a friendly kiss on the cheek. In addition to this, when Baby Archie was born, Kate was one of the first to visit him. And she didn’t arrive empty-handed: the Duchess of Cambridge presented her new nephew with a wild animal stuffed toy, a very sweet gift for the newborn.

As we can see, it is certainly acceptable to have a little envy sometimes, and we are glad to see that it isn’t affecting Meghan and Kate’s relationship.