Here’s When Fans Can Expect the ‘John Wick’ TV Spinoff

The good news for John Wick fans is that not only is a fourth movie in the works, but a TV show is too. The less good news is that the fourth movie has to come out before the TV show is ready, and that will be a little while yet. 

The fourth John Wick movie with Keanu Reeves is scheduled to hit theaters on May 21, 2021, so there’s still about a year and a half to go before the movie. The show, called The Continental, is being developed at Starz.

‘John Wick’ was a slow burn

Keanu Reeves on the red carpet
Keanu Reeves | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lionsgate

When the original John Wick came out in 2014, it was a stealth hit. Not much was expected of the movie, and Keanu Reeves had been in a bit of a slump, not anchoring a successful franchise since the Matrix trilogy almost 20 years before.

However, viewers hailed the movie as a refreshing throwback to down and dirty action that relied more on stunts and practical effects than CGI. It made $43 million in the US, and that was good enough for a sequel. 

That sequel, John Wick Chapter Two, came out in 2017, and word had gotten around enough that the sequel more than doubled the first entry’s gross, this time making $92 million. That movie very much left the door open for another sequel, and that movie, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, was the one that really blew the lid off the franchise. 

The Rotten Tomatoes Critical Consensus for the third movie reads, “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum reloads for another hard-hitting round of the brilliantly choreographed, over-the-top action that fans of the franchise demand.” 

Some even compared the breathless action favorably to Mad Max: Fury Road, which has been hailed as one of the best movies of the decade. 

What will the ‘John Wick’ TV show be about?

More John Wick was to come, but the screen size was about to shrink as the world was about to expand. Starz announced it would make a TV series based on the world of John Wick — and although John Wick wouldn’t be a series regular, he might still guest in it. 

According to IGN, Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch gave an  update on the project, saying “I had a meeting on a season pitch for this yesterday and it’s moving along. We like the group of writers, and we’re trying to get it in the right place so it doesn’t interfere with the motion picture side of things.”

The series would be a prequel, covering how the shadowy underworld that Wick fought came to be. At first, Wick seemed like a lost soul mourning the loss of his wife and his puppy.

But over the course of the three movies, the backstory got more complex, and we also learned that John Wick was not really John Wick. Chapter Two director Chad Stahelski will shoot the premiere episode.

It’s the Keanussance

Keanu’s early career had its peaks and valleys, with the highs of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the lows of his performance in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Various attempts by Reeves to be taken seriously fell flat. Then The Matrix came along, and that Rabbit Hole changed everything. 

Granted, Reeve still had his fallow periods after that, but Wick resuscitated him once again so that he’s highly in demand. He endeared himself to audiences playing the stunt toy Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4, and he’ll continue to liven up kid-friendly movies with an appearance in The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run.

He’s working not only on a fourth Matrix movie, but on a third Bill and Ted movie, Bill and Ted Face the Music. And of course, there’s more Wick.

Reeves had said John Wick will keep going “as far as my legs can take me (and) as far as the audience wants to go.” That will apparently be for quite  awhile.