Here’s Where Steve Kornacki Get His Khakis

Election night 2020 in America was definitely one to remember. Between the uncertainty of the outcome to all the interesting ways that the COVID-19 pandemic affected voter turnout, many people were on edge — not just for the night of the election, but in the week that followed.

Still, a few calming voices were able to reassure Americans during a stressful time, one of these being Steve Kornacki. The journalist and television host became the subject of internet memes, Twitter messages, and viral articles, with people praising his positive demeanor and way of sticking to the facts.

The election might be over, but people have maintained their love for Kornacki — who has become somewhat of an Internet celebrity — and a healthy appreciation for his trademark khaki pants.

What is Steve Kornacki best known for?

Steve Kornacki with a surprised expression
Steve Kornacki | Lloyd Bishop/Getty Images

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Kornacki was born in Massachusetts in 1979. He attended Boston University as a young man, studying film and television.

Still, it was journalism that captured Kornacki’s heart, and after his college graduation he went on to pursue a career as a reporter. Kornacki wrote for a variety of high-profile publications even early on in his career, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and New York Observer.

In 2012, Kornacki became a co-host on the MSNBC show The Cycle. He remained as a host for around a year before moving on to the program Up.

However, it was in 2014 that the reporter became the election coverage map correspondent for MSNBC — for which he remains best known to this day. 

Steve Kornacki became an unlikely hero during the presidential election

2020 might not have been Kornacki’s first election cycle, but it was likely his most intense. Still, Kornacki remained calm and collected throughout the days-long ordeal, revealing that he had the strength and the patience to not only get through the election himself but to help explain the facts and figures to viewers all over the world during the process.

For those who were tracking the election results, Kornacki was a welcome breath of fresh air. Not only did his calm demeanor help to relax some anxious nerves, but his devotion to duty helped many Americans to keep the focus on what truly mattered.

Social media users began taking to Twitter to share their Kornacki appreciation, praising him for not only the good work that he was doing but also for his admirable style sense. 

Where does Steve Kornacki get his khakis?

Kornacki always presents a professional image during his election night broadcasts, and during the 2020 election, he maintained the same look throughout the entire week, all while monitoring his live map — perfectly pressed khakis, a white shirt with rolled sleeves, and a classic tie. Viewers made sure to give him kudos for his polished appearance, calling out his habit of wearing khakis on social media.

As it turns out, Kornacki’s look is surprisingly attainable. The Strategist reports that Kornacki buys his khakis from fashion retailer The Gap.

Specifically, Kornacki prefers the “palomino brown” shade, in either the Modern Khaki or the Essential Khaki cut. With both styles priced at around sixty dollars on The Gap website, it is easy enough for fans of Kornacki’s work to emulate his professional style. Simply pair the khakis with a white button-up shirt and a striped tie (staples optional), and fans will be perfectly primetime ready.

The 2020 election might have driven many people to utter distraction, but Kornacki was able to emerge at the other end of the ordeal with more popularity than ever before.