Here’s Why Baby Yoda Was Named 2019’s Most Googled Baby—Over Prince Archie and Psalm West

By now, most people have read the results of the most Googled baby of 2019. No, it wasn’t Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s newest edition, Prince Archie. It wasn’t even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new little boy, Psalm West. 

Baby Yoda from Disney+‘s flagship series, The Mandalorian, was named the Most Popular baby of 2019, and fans didn’t meet him until Nov. 12, 2019. Let’s take a look at how Baby Yoda rose to stardom so quickly.

Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda | Disney+

Viewers love Baby Yoda due to the scientific wiring of the human brain

Cuteness sparks brain activity. Baby Yoda has all of the cuteness factors, specifically the big eyes, big head, and recessed chin. 

Research has “discovered that cuteness is more than something purely visual,” according to professors at the University of Oxford. “It works by involving all the senses and strongly attracting our attention by sparking rapid brain activity.”

The professors indicate that we want to give more attention to those babies or animals that are cute.

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“Cute babies also spur us to action: research reveals that people will expend extra effort to look longer at cute baby faces,” the report continued.

Therefore, we can infer that when someone sees one cute meme of Baby Yoda, they might search for more (causing the Google search numbers to keep going up). 

“Research has shown that we typically feel affection for animals with juvenile features,” the University reported. So, it comes as no surprise that Baby Yoda is high on the cuteness scale, despite the fact he is not a human baby.  

The Memes and the Gifs took Baby Yoda to a viral level

Let’s take a look at precisely what happened with this cute little green creature from The Mandalorian. Mostly Star Wars fans watched the show initially and got the first glimpse of Baby Yoda. These same viewers then took to social media to share how adorable it was. 

Many of these fans also created Memes or Gifs and shared them all over social media. The vast majority of the memes are funny in nature, and they are also novel because Baby Yoda is new. However, for many Star Wars fans, he is also partly nostalgic—a tribute to the older Yoda fans remember from the original trilogy. 

“Your mind is tired of seeing the same old ideas over and over again,” according to Business Insider. “That’s why things that are new or unusual will catch your eye – and this includes the content on your favorite website or social feed.”

So, Baby Yoda caught some individuals’ eyes because he was cute, and then others were intrigued because he was new. He had a double effect in that aspect.

“Specific positive emotions lead people to share content, including those of amusement, affection, surprise, happiness, and excitement,” continued the article. “On the flipside, nostalgia and disgust are two other psychological responses that trigger sharing as well.”

Why did Baby Yoda beat out Prince Archie, Psalm West, and Baby Shark for most searched?

Following our theory, Prince Archie and Psalm West are also both new this year and cute babies. So, what was the key to Baby Yoda that made his particular persona go viral? Indeed, the live babies and Baby Shark were just as cute as the little green creature, if not sweeter.

The answer is that Baby Yoda also possessed the ability to make people laugh out loud. The viewer who first put music to the scene of Baby Yoda playing with the controls in Mando’s spaceship surely deserves some type of award. No matter what kind of music the user chooses, it is hysterical. 

Baby Yoda has the funny factor, the nostalgia, the cuteness, and the newsworthy factor. Not even Baby Shark could beat the adorable creature out for most Googled baby of the year. We’re sorry, Prince Archie and Psalm West are adorable, but not meme-worthy. 

You can catch Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian streaming now on Disney+ if you want to see the cute creature firsthand.