Here’s Why ‘Counting On’ Fans Feel So Bad For Jessa Duggar’s Older Son, Spurgeon

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have been married for nearly five years. The couple shares three kids: Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Jane. Though Jessa Duggar is generally a well-liked member of the Duggar family (the same can’t be said for all of the Duggars), fans do feel bad for her oldest child, Spurgeon.

Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald, and their two sons, Spurgeon and Henry | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Duggar and Seewald have three children

Duggar and Seewald had one of the longest courtships of any of the Duggars. The two courted for 11 months before Seewald proposed; they began courting in September 2013, announced their engagement in August 2014, and wed in November 2014. They didn’t wait long to start a family. The couple have been married for four and a half years, and they recently welcomed their third child. Their oldest son, Spurgeon Elliot, was born almost exactly one year after they wed. Since then, Duggar and Seewald have welcomed two more children. Their second child, Henry Wilberforce, was born in February 2017, and their third child, a daughter named Ivy Jane, was born in May 2019.

Fans think Spurgeon got the short end of the stick with his name

Duggar and Seewald have picked some unique names for their children. Henry’s middle name is Wilberforce; he’s named after William Wilberforce, who was a major voice in abolishing slavery in England. He was also an Evangelical Christian. However, Wilberforce is Henry’s middle name, but the couple’s oldest child, Spurgeon, has a first name that some might consider a bit too unique. Spurgeon was named after Charles Spurgeon, a Baptist preacher; Duggar is a devout Baptist. But some Counting On fans think Duggar and Seewald did their son a disservice by naming him Spurgeon.

“Poor Spurgeon though, growing up with siblings with great names Henry and Ivy and he has to be called SPURGIE [sic],” an original poster wrote on Reddit. “Do they ever regret traumatizing their kid with Spurgeon?” one Reddit user added. “It must suck to be Spurgeon and have such a name,” another user commented.

Some believe Duggar should legally change her son’s name to Elliott Spurgeon

Fans think Duggar might have let Seewald name their first child Spurgeon. Reddit users suggest Seewald’s “hipster” attitude led him to name his son something so interesting, and some even want Duggar to take the reins and change his name. “I wish they would acknowledge their mistake and switch his first and middle names so he can legally be Elliott Spurgeon,” one Reddit user suggested. It’s unlikely that Duggar and Seewald would do something so drastic; however, they might eventually let him be referred to by his middle name rather than his first name.

If Duggar has more kids, they might have unique names as well

Duggar and Seewald only have three children right now, but that number will probably grow. The two have already welcomed three kids in less than five years, and Duggar is only 26, which means she will probably have more children. Plus, the two have discussed adopting children as well. Duggar once said back on 19 Kids and Counting that she hopes to someday adopt “a lot” of children.