Here’s Why Prince William and Prince Harry Could Both Become Insanely Rich in the Future

Many fans are probably aware that Prince William and Prince Harry are quite wealthy. After all, they are members of a royal family is that is said to be worth billions of dollars. The two princes themselves grew up in royal palaces, attended the most prestigious schools, and are now adults who often jet-set around the world.

While William and Harry are rich now, the money they have today could be minuscule compared to what they might make in the future. Believe it or not, both princes actually have the potential to make a lot more money in the years to come.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William | Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

What do Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s net worths look like?

Right now, it is believed that William and Harry have similar net worths. The exact amounts are not known, but the two brothers are said to be worth between $25 and $40 million each.

Much of their money comes from inheritances that they received from family members like their mother, Princess Diana, and their great-grandmother, the Queen Mother.

Additionally, their father, Prince Charles, also earns money from a portfolio of land called the Duchy of Cornwall. From there, Charles gives some money to his sons in allowances.

When they take on work as royals, William and Harry can tap into the Sovereign Grant, which covers expenses related to royal duties and is paid for by British taxpayers. However, as of 2020, Harry will no longer receive funding from the Sovereign Grant as he and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have stepped down as senior royals.

Prince William will make more money when he inherits the throne

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William is currently second in line to the throne, and there is a good chance he will become king in the future. When that happens, William will have access to even more sources of money.

First off, when his father becomes king, William himself will inherit the Duchy of Cornwall, which should increase his salary dramatically.

When William finally gets to the throne, he will be getting an income from the Sovereign Grant. Furthermore, William would also inherit the Duchy of Lancaster Estate as well as Queen Elizabeth’s personal properties. According to Forbes, all of that is worth over $10 billion.

Queen Elizabeth herself is said to have a net worth of around $500 million, so that could be an indication of just how much William might be worth when he becomes a monarch.

Prince Harry has the potential to become a billionaire

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Harry is currently sixth in line to the throne and has very little chances of inheriting massive estates like his brother. However, Harry is also in an advantaged position now that he is no longer a senior member of the royal family.

Harry and Meghan have moved to the United States and are now booking jobs that were previously not available to them as royals. For example, Meghan has done voiceover work for Disney and is now publishing a book. Given their immense popularity, onlookers believe that they could earn a ton of money for things like event appearances, advertisements, brand partnerships, and more.

Because of this, Harry and Meghan seem to have the potential to become billionaires in the future.