Here’s Why Some Fans Are Ready for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ to Finally End

We’re living in a time when TV shows seem to run longer than they ever seemed to in the past without us realizing how quickly time passes.

For some, it might seem like The Big Bang Theory has only been on for a few years when it’s been almost 12 years. After years of thinking it was a real sitcom renaissance, what do critics and fans think now?

At this point, there might be a few fans who think the show was long past its prime a while ago. Let’s take a look at whether TBBT is ending at the right time or should have ended several years ago.

Some critics didn’t love the sitcom at the beginning

Take a quick jaunt back to 2007 when The Big Bang Theory began and you’ll probably recall a small group of critics who thought the sitcom still had room to grow. While some declared it a diamond after a long sitcom drought, others thought it was strictly a stereotypical show with even broader swipes at geek culture.

These rib-pokes at geeks took off with a lot of viewers, though, especially with those who’d been pining for a similar show. Some of those people likely resembled the characters at the time, giving a chance to poke fun at scientific intellectuals vs. everyone else.

While you could find a few who were skeptical at first, ratings began to climb within a year or two. By 2010, it was one of the most-watched sitcoms on TV during a time when just about every sitcom was below-average.

Of course, nobody could fault Jim Parsons’ approach to playing Sheldon Cooper.

Has Sheldon Cooper really been funny or grating?

The basic concept behind Sheldon has always been hilarious in the abstract. Having someone with a hyper Einstein brain trying to interact within normal society sounds funny from just the explanation.

While some other shows have done similar intellectuals vs. plebeians concepts, Sheldon’s interaction in the world has always been well executed by Jim Parsons. He’s deserved all the Emmys he won.

You can even argue he’s been the singular thing to keep the show popular. As broad as all the characters are, it seems we all know someone like Sheldon. Maybe they don’t have quite the I.Q. Sheldon has, yet they’re intelligent enough where they can’t stand stupidity from people doing menial jobs.

Then again, poking fun at geeks has maybe worn out its welcome due to more geeks being taken seriously.

‘Revenge of the Nerds’ to TBBT’ is sort of full circle

Those of you old enough to remember when Revenge of the Nerds came out in 1984 will remember how ironic the film was. Back then, pop culture went after geek culture viciously like they were outcasts who would never fit in.

Twenty years later, we all know how much the real revenge occurred when those geeks became wealthy during the dot com/technology boom.

The Big Bang Theory went back to that original Nerds well, which only led to even sharper geek satire like recent Silicon Valley on HBO. Some might find the latter show more incisive going after geek culture in a smarter way.

TBBT’s sitcom formula was a bit of a throwback to sitcoms of old where you have one-liners in every other script line. Despite this still working well, many geeks are perhaps rolling their eyes lately at TBBT’s prolonged popularity. Most of them demand a little more respect now as they begin to age and start doing more important things (like Bill Gates).

We’ll probably still see a few Sheldon Coopers out in the real world to make TBBT popular in syndication forever.