HGTV To Explore Plural Families in ‘House Full of Spouses’

Hold onto your hard hats! HGTV has found a way to explore polygamy through a completely different lens. The network, famed for shows like Flip or Flop and House Hunters, will turn the cameras on alternative families and the needs they have when looking for and renovating homes. The very first family featured on the new show are the Darger family, polygamists who have appeared in the media before.

Who are the Dargers?

Diehard fans of Sister Wives will probably recognize the Darger family. They have appeared on Sister Wives in the past, most notably during a beach vacation in the earliest seasons of the show. They also appeared on My Three Wives, a special produced by TLC. Darger also alleges that his family inspired several storylines on HBO’s groundbreaking series, Big Love.

At their core, they may just be another polygamist family, but there are a few things that set the Dargers apart from the crowd. Not only is Joe Darger married to twin sisters, but their cousin is his original wife.  Joe Darger also set out to court two wives at once, according to their book Love Times Three. The move was considered scandalous even by polygamy standards. The addition of a third wife, ten years later might not seem all that strange, but when it’s your second wife’s identical twin sister things get complicated.

Together Vicki, Valarie, Alina, and Joe have 25 children, including five kids who came into the family with Valarie from a previous marriage. Now, the family is embarking on a massive renovation project, and they’ve invited the HGTV cameras to come along.

Will HGTV be following the family in a series?

Not a whole lot is known about how the show will play out in the long term. As it stands, the Darger family filmed the pilot for the show, aptly named House full of Spouses, but little else is known. According to Starcasm, the pilot will find renovation experts helping the family decide if a new home is the best idea for them, or if they can renovate their existing property to account for their ever-changing needs.

While the Dargers are the first family being featured on the show, it looks like House Full of Spouses may actually follow a husband and wife team as they help alternative families renovate homes to fit their needs. The show’s opening sequence introduces designer Rachel and her logistics-expert husband, Greg. Rachel explains that she grew up in a polygamist family. Now as a husband and wife team they focus on helping alternative families design homes that account for their unique lifestyles.