HGTV’s Christina Anstead Shares Her Infertility Journey in a Revealing Instagram Post

Christina Anstead of HGTV’s Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast welcomed her son Hudson with husband Ant Anstead on September 6. The television personality is already a mom of two – daughter Taylor and son Brayden – from her previous marriage to Tarek El Moussa.

Anstead recently shared a few details about her struggle with infertility when she was married to El Moussa, reaching out to other women going through the difficult journey via Instagram.

HGTV’s Christina Anstead | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Dealing with IVF

In 2015 when she was still married to El Moussa, Antead spoke to People on her then-husband’s recent cancer diagnosis and how his illness made conceiving a second child a challenge.

“We found out Tarek had cancer, and we asked the doctor if that would affect our chances of having a child,” she told People at the time. “They said that if you go through radiation, which Tarek had too, then you should not get pregnant from that sperm from six months to a year. So, right away, we did sperm banking and [tried] IVF.”

The HGTV star shared that she endured two failed attempts at IVF, including one that resulted in a heartbreaking miscarriage at eight weeks. At that point, she changed doctors and decided to try one last time to conceive.

“I had to be super strict,” the Christina on the Coast star said. “I had to do one full week in bed. For 13 weeks after that, I couldn’t go for a walk and couldn’t lift anything over a gallon of milk. We planned it during Christmas break so I wasn’t working. We did everything we could to make sure this one worked.” The couple welcomed son Brayden in September 2015.

Offering Insta encouragement

Anstead is an avid user of social media, often promoting her brand as well as sharing special family moments online. Last month, she wrote a revealing post about her pregnancy journeys with her three children, and how they each had a path of their own.

“3 kids, 3 completely different pregnancies and deliveries. I don’t have a normal cycle and the ovulation sticks have never worked for me,” she wrote on Instagram in November. “That being said, Tay was a natural pregnancy at 25 and my easiest labor. Brayden was an IVF baby and also an emergency c section. Hudson was conceived shortly after Acupuncture treatment I received to help with PCOS (as well as cord cutting but not sure you guys are ready for all that 🤭).”

The Flip or Flop co-host empathized with women going through the fertility struggle, suggesting that moms can find comfort and support in each other. “All fertility journeys are complicated and can be physically and emotionally draining. I definitely felt very hormonal and isolated during my IVF attempts,” Anstead revealed. “I would have loved to get advice and meet other women going through similar experiences… Trying to conceive can be a tough road, and having a community who can relate to your story is so important and something that I really wish I had going through my fertility journey.”

A milestone for Hudson

Anstead has been transparent about her spirited infant son, venting on social media about sleepless nights and juggling schedules. Also a stepmom to Amelie and Archie (Ant’s two children from a previous marriage), Anstead shared that Hudson’s penchant for being a homebody can put a glitch in everyone’s daily schedule.

“He still really just likes being in the house,” she recently told Us Weekly. “He doesn’t like going out. As a very busy family, that’s been very difficult.”

Now that Hudson has reached a milestone, Anstead is seeing improvements. “Since he hit the 3-month mark, he’s been doing a lot better,” she said. “A lot more smiles and coos and sleeping better, so I think we’re on the right track.”