Which Celebrity Has the Higher Net Worth: Miley Cyrus or Liam Hemsworth?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are widely thought of as one of the cutest celebrity couples. The two of them have been together for more than a decade, and they recently got married. Hemsworth is a successful actor, and Cyrus has had a rewarding singing career for most of her life. But which one of these celebrities has the higher net worth?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth | Getty Images/Dia Dipasupil

Cyrus and Hemsworth met on the set of ‘The Last Song’

Cyrus and Hemsworth starred alongside one another in “The Last Song.” Cyrus played a young teen spending the summer with her father, who was terminally ill. While in his hometown, she met Hemsworth, and the two began dating in the movie (much to the dismay of Hemsworth’s friends and family). But off camera, a romance was brewing, too. Cyrus and Hemsworth had an instant connection on set, and it wasn’t long before news broke that the two had begun dating in real life. They then walked the red carpet together at an Oscars event in 2010, which essentially confirmed the relationship.

The couple did have their share of breakups, but none lasted

Although these two have been fan favorites for a long time, things weren’t always a walk in the park. In August 2010, it was reported that the couple broke up due to Cyrus’ crazy work schedule. She had just released her new album, and things were hectic. However, they got back together in September. In November of that same year, a source said the two broke up again. However, they rekindled things in April 2011. In June 2012, Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their engagement. However, the engagement was called off in 2013. She then dated Patrick Schwarzenegger for a while, but things didn’t last.

In November 2015, rumors once again swirled that the two were back together. In 2016, they made their first appearance after rekindling their engagement. Finally, in December 2018, the two get married in a very private ceremony.

Today, Hemsworth is worth around $26 million

Hemsworth has seen a lot of success in the acting world. “The Last Song” was a box office hit, earning him plenty of money. But he also got significant roles in other films such as “The Hunger Games” franchise and “Independence Day.” These major roles have earned him a comfortable net worth around $26 million. And with his rugged good looks, there are probably more significant roles in his future.

Cyrus is worth an estimated $200 million

Cyrus is worth nearly 10 times what her husband has made throughout the years, but that’s because she’s found success in singing, network television, and the big screen. Her most well-known movie role was in “The Last Song.” But she also starred in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana for several years, which is what put her on the map to begin with. Plus, she’s had chart-topping hits such as “Malibu” and “Wrecking Ball,” making her well-known in the music industry. She’s worth an estimated $200 million, but some say her lifetime earnings are somewhere around $360 million. She may be worth a lot more than her husband, but that doesn’t appear to matter to either of them.

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