This Hilarious Photo of the Duggar Grandchildren Shows They’re Just Like Any Other Kids

The Duggar family has been growing rapidly over the past few years with what feels like multiple weddings and babies each year. But despite being on national television and having a few more (read: a lot more) kids than the average American household, they’re still a normal family with normal problems. And this hilarious photo of two Duggar grandchildren prove they’re just like any other kids.

Duggar grandchildren

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar pose with 11 of their 12 grandchildren. | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 12 young grandchildren

The Duggar crew currently has 12 grandchildren running around at any given time — and there will likely be more on the way within the next year. Right now, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are happy grandparents to three girls and nine boys. (It appears the Duggar family genes favor males.) Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, recently gave birth to a baby girl, Felicity. Felicity is the first girl to be born from a Duggar daughter — the only other child with daughters is the oldest son, Josh Duggar. But with a new marriage in 2018 and no babies since the summer, hopefully there will be some baby news from the family in 2019.

For the most part, it appears all of the grandkids get along well

Despite there being so many grandchildren already, it appears they all have strong relationships with one another. All of the children are between six months and nine years, so there isn’t much of an age gap from one grandchild to another. Plus, most of the grandchildren all live within a short driving distance of one another, so play dates probably happen pretty frequently. The Duggar grandchildren are homeschooled just like their parents were, which means fewer opportunities to meet different types of people; so it’s no wonder the grandchildren have formed close relationships.

But on Christmas morning, Jessa Duggar posted a photo of her son and niece fighting over a new toy

Jessa Duggar posted a hilarious photo to her Instagram on Christmas morning as a way of wishing all of her followers a Merry Christmas. “Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Hopefully there is none of this going on at your house,” part of the caption read. The photo shows Duggar’s son, Henry, whom she has with her husband, Ben Seewald, fighting over a new toy with his cousin, Meredith, the daughter of Josh and Anna Duggar. The photo showed that the Duggar grandchildren may be in the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they’re any different from any other child. Plus, Meredith’s dirty feet prove she is the same as any toddler — always trying to have fun and always running around without shoes on.

Duggar grandchildren

Jessa Seewald posted this photo to her Instagram account. | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

The Duggars grew up with strict Christmas rules — but apparently, they still get toys

It’s nice to see that the Duggar grandchildren had plenty of new toys to open up on Christmas, considering there are several strict holiday rules the family has had to follow through the years. The family was never allowed to have a Christmas tree in their home because Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar believed it took away from the meaning of the season. The family also had to hang banners throughout their home that read “Happy Birthday Jesus.” Despite straying from typical Christmas tradition, it’s nice to see that the children do have Christmas gifts to open on the big day.

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