The Hilarious Reason ‘Nathan For You’ Season 4 Took so Long

Nathan For You has been off the air for almost two years now, and as it turns out, there’s a hilarious and unexpected explanation for the delay.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Nathan Fielder explained that he injured his foot while texting and walking, and as a result, the production of Nathan For You‘s fourth season had to shut down.

“I was walking and texting and stepped in a crack and my foot went to the side,” he told Rolling Stone. “The doctor said it’s called a ‘dancer’s fracture.’ He normally sees it on women who wear high heels. So that was good to know.”

Nathan Fielder in Nathan For You

Nathan Fielder in Nathan For You. | Comedy Central

The other reason for the delay was simply that it takes so long to produce the show, with up to 90 hours of footage being shot for a single 22-minute episode of Nathan For You. But that’s always been the case, and the previous seasons never took two years to make, so Fielder points to his injury as a reason that this one caused fans to wait for a particularly long time.

Though Fielder has a dry sense of humor, he doesn’t appear to be joking with the foot injury explanation, and this is something he’s said at multiple Q&A events over the past few months. Though the Rolling Stone interview does not specify how long the show had to shut down due to the foot injury, in a Q&A event from June, Fielder said that production stopped for two months.

It also appears that this new season of Nathan For You is the show’s most ambitious yet. The season finale is too hours long, and those who have seen it have described it as by far the most ambitious and crazy thing Fielder has ever done. In interviews leading up to this new season, Fielder has said that there’s one episode this season that went way out of hand and grew so much bigger than he anticipated.

Nathan For You will return on September 28 on Comedy Central.