Why Hilary Duff Is “A Little Intimidated” by the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot

Millennials around the country are rejoicing because Hilary Duff recently announced that Lizzie McGuire is officially gearing up for a reboot. After months of teasing, Duff announced that the show is getting a reprisal and will join Disney’s upcoming streaming platform, Disney Plus. Disney Plus didn’t need any more hype, but the news of one of Disney Channel’s most beloved shows making a comeback just made fans even more excited for the new streaming service.

Kenny Ortega & Hilary Duff of Lizzie McGuire
Kenny Ortega & Hilary Duff | Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The premise of Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire followed a young teenager (eponymously named Lizzie McGuire) as she navigated middle school, friendships, boys, and adolescence. One of the best things about the show is how real it was and how it perfectly encapsulated what it meant to grow up. The show was chock full of embarrassing moments, shameless infatuations with crushes, mean girl showdowns, and sweet heart-to-hearts. Lizzie McGuire was one of the most-loved shows of its time and fans were completely devastated when it ended after only two short seasons.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Following the success of the television series, Disney was in talks to extend Lizzie McGuire for additional seasons. The plan was to follow Lizzie into her high school career. However, after failing to reach a deal in negotiations, all parties decided on a movie instead. The Lizzie McGuire Movie was released in May of 2013 and raked in $55.5 million at the box office. The film followed Lizzie as she attended her class trip to Rome after her 8th-grade graduation. Whilst abroad, her life gets turned upside down when she is mistaken for an Italian pop star.

A reboot in the works

While lovers of the show truly loved the movie, they were still disappointed to learn that the show wouldn’t continue. But now, years later, Lizzie McGuire is finally making a comeback. But just why did Duff decide that now was the right time to step back into her beloved role? “The conversations have gone on for a couple of years and the timing just didn’t seem right and now Lizzie is turning 30. For me, she was everybody’s best friend and she was there for us … entering your 30s is a really big deal,” Duff confessed to PEOPLE.

30 and flirty and thriving

Duff continued on to speak about what a momentous occasion it is to enter your 30’s. She admitted that she thought women could use more Lizzie McGuire at this unique stage in their lives. “I think it’s the right time to set back in and have her go along with you in your 30s and all the fun times, and all of the big monumental moments, and all of the challenges that you’re faced with. I just thought that there was an opportunity there for her to be grown up and for her to be there for women again,” Duff shared.

Why Hilary Duff is a little intimidated

But despite her excitement, Duff mentions that she’s a little nervous to be stepping back into her iconic role. Finding the character within herself is something that she’s still working towards, but she’s excited about the opportunity. “I’m not gonna lie: I’m a little intimidated. I’m like, ‘Where is she in there?’ She is in there; she is me. When I was 13, it was such a big part of me … I just have to tap into that and be very authentic to that,” Duff said honestly.

The biggest difference between Duff and McGuire

Duff is fully aware that her life is drastically different from Lizzie McGuire’s. “Our lives are very different — she’s not a mother, I am already a mother — but I think that’s what’s exciting, to step into someone else’s world whose a little bit different than your own, but I can’t wait. I can’t wait for her adventures, for her heartbreak, to see her goals and what she’s done,” the actress concluded.

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Coming soon to Disney Plus

Truly we can’t wait to see where Lizzie is now and if her little animation still narrates her life. We’re excited to see where Duff takes this character now that she’s older and has more life experience. Until then, we’ll be binge-watching both the show and the movie until the reboot hits Disney Plus.