Does Hillary Clinton Endorse A 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate In Her Hulu Docuseries?

Now that Hillary Clinton is out of politics, she’s been keeping busy with other ventures. The docuseries about her life, Hillary, will begin airing on Hulu in March 2020. Despite being a private citizen now, her word on politics still matters to many. Will she use this opportunity to endorse one of the possible Democratic nominees ahead of the upcoming primary election? Here’s what we know.

What is the Hulu docuseries ‘Hillary’ about?

Hillary Clinton of 'Hillary'
Hillary Clinton of ‘Hillary’ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

At the Hulu TCA panel in Jan. 2020, Clinton explained how the four-part docuseries came to be. “It really started out as maybe a campaign documentary because we had about 1,700 hours of behind-the-scenes footage.” But director Nanette Burstein, after watching the footage, realized there was a greater opportunity there.

“The reason why I wanted to expand this and tell her life story is that I felt it was so remarkably emblematic of our history over the last 40 years,” Burstein said of the “bigger story” that she saw in Clinton’s journey. So not only will it be about her life on the campaign trail, but what came before it.

Clinton opens up about many aspects of her life

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Clinton has lived her life in the public eye much longer than many presidential candidates. Beginning as first lady in the 1990s during her husband, Bill Clinton’s, time as president puts her in a unique position. And yes, important moments from that time will be discussed, including the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on her show, Clinton it was “difficult” to be interviewed about that subject. But what she said she found “fascinating” was the number of women who said they “can never support her” because she stayed with Bill after the affair was revealed, and would then turn around and say “but I love her husband.”

‘Hillary’ will be released on March 6, 2020

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The docuseries has its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. There were two screenings as well as a Q&A. Clinton is doing press for Hillary during the month of February. She’ll then head to the Berlin International Film Festival to share it with an even larger international crowd.

Hillary will premiere on March 6, 2020 on Hulu. This date is notable, as it falls just after the first wave of primary elections in the U.S.: Major states like California and Virginia have their Democratic primaries on March 3, as do the home states of candidates Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Bernie Sanders (Vermont).

Clinton refuses to endorse a specific candidate

Because of this timing, it doesn’t seem as though Clinton’s goal is to encourage voters to choose a particular Democratic candidate. And she said as much when speaking to DeGeneres, detailing her advice to all voters when making their decision.

“Vote for the person who you believe can actually win in November. And the person who you think can govern our country. Because somebody has to get in there and try to bring our country together and try to put us on the right track into the future and restore our democracy and our standing in the world,” said Clinton.