‘His Dark Materials’: Where Are All the Daemons?

His Dark Materials is taking the world by storm. The hit series is a huge success and people can’t seem to get enough. However, some viewers have been asking a great question: where are all the daemons? Read on to find out. There are spoilers ahead.

What are daemons in ‘His Dark Materials’?

Ruth Wilson and Dafne Keen
Ruth Wilson and Dafne Keen | David M. Benett/Getty Images for HBO

In the world viewers usually find themselves in on the show, daemons are the physical manifestation of a human soul. Everyone has one and they can take numerous animal forms. Once a person reaches a certain point, their daemons will stop taking different forms and settle into one form, such as a cat or a mouse.

Numerous people have noticed that the daemons seem to be missing

In a show all about the human soul in an animal, it seems strange that in many scenes, animals seem to be missing among the humans. Vulture pointed out that daemons seem to be missing in some scenes. It’s more noticeable during some times than in others, but It’s got people talking. A human can’t even travel far from their daemon, so it’s definitely strange that they aren’t always visible.

Writer Jack Thorne responds

Writer Jack Thorne decided to address the situation via Twitter on December 9 in response to fans. “I don’t think we are but to explain – and sorry to take the magic out of it – daemons cost a lot, daemons touching humans cost even more,” Thorne tweeted. “We’ve tried to make Pan & Lyra true, without having them always in physical contact (as the books do). Sorry you’re disappointed.”

What fans are saying about the lack of daemons

Many fans agree that the daemons are missing and it’s a problem. They make the show so interesting and without them, it’s extremely noticeable for viewers.

“Daemons are what make this universe unique and interesting, and they have been ignored,” a Reddit user explained. “It was so striking to see an entire room of girls standing in front of their beds with not a single daemon visible.”

Fans want to see more of Lyra and Pan interacting

The main character, Lyra (Dafne Keen) has a daemon named Pan and some fans wish they had more scenes with the two interacting on a more emotional level. It makes sense, considering she is the main character and Pan is her soul.

“It’s definitely been an issue. I feel like the understandable budgetary restrictions led Thorne to try to write the story with minimal use of them,” a Reddit user said. “It works to an extent and I’ve been fine with suspending disbelief for the most part, but I think Lyra and Pan at least should interact more as their relationship is a core aspect of the story.”

Viewers want to know where the daemons are

Some viewers noticed the missing daemons from the very beginning and they don’t think it was the right call to not show them more consistently. “There are so many scenes where I keep wondering ‘ok where are everyone’s daemons?’” another Reddit user explained.

“It was extremely jarring,” another user pointed out. “I noticed the missing daemons from the very first episode, but this one just hammers home how wrong a decision it was to cut daemons.”