‘Hobbs and Shaw’: Where Is the Rest of the Fast and Furious Family?

Idris Elba on 'Hobbs & Shaw' Set
Idris Elba on set in George Square as filming of Fast and the Furious spinoff | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The Fast and Furious has been one of the most popular theatrical franchises and has been going strong for almost two decades and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With eight action-packed movies already released, The Fast and Furious is all set to release its ninth installment by April of next year.

Fans may be upset to hear that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will not be apart of the next movie, however, that does not mean that there isn’t something special planned for Luke Hobb’s character. The Fast and Furious series is continuing the excitement by making a spinoff movie called Hobbs and Shaw. This new movie will partner up the two most unlikely characters and force them to become allies.  

This movie looks like it will be filled with non-stop action and entertainment. If you were wondering if the new spinoff will feature any other characters from the iconic series, then you are in luck. Here is everything we know about which The Fast and Furious characters will be returning to star in Hobbs and Shaw. 

There will be many new faces

Although the Fast and Furious movies have always been about family, the spinoff won’t feature too many familiar faces. Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw will be the only characters that you will recognize at first. However, there are several new characters that work hard to make this spinoff just as compelling as compelling as the original series.

The new characters are no strangers to action movies


Vanessa Kirby plays Hattie Shaw, Deckard Shaw’s sister. Vanessa is known for being a versatile actress. During her career, she has won many awards for her exceptional acting skills. Her role as a royal princess in the Netflix series Crown earned her a BAFTA Award. Although she has taken acting jobs that have demanded her to act like a proper royal, she is also no stranger to being on the set of an action film. In 2018, she also had a prominent role in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Introducing other new family members that may seem familiar


He may not have played in any of the Fast and Furious movies, but if you are a WWE fan, you may recognize the actor that plays Luke Hobbs’ brother. Roman Reigns has been cast to play the brother of “The Rock.” This seems like a perfect choice for several reasons. Not only do the two actors have a wrestling background in common, but you may notice that they also have similar features as well. This is because Roman Reigns and Dwayne Johnson are actually cousins in real life.

All-new evil villains

Hobbs and Shaw feature a dangerous villain with supernatural powers that is played by Idris Elba. Elba has a long-running and successful career that includes starring in box office hits like Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity Wars.

The goal is to allow the ‘Fast and Furious’ Universe to grow

Many people believe that the reason why the new Fast and Furious spinoff movies have so many new characters is because the creators want to give the viewers a more in-depth look at the some of the Fast and Furious characters, so that not only the character can grow, but the entire franchise can continue to grow as well.

This theory was confirmed when Dwayne Johnson sat down for an interview with MTV. When the interviewer asked Johnson if he was now going to be focused on Hobbs and Shaw and another part of the universe or if his character was going to appear in more Fast and Furious movies, Dwayne had replied, ” The plan has always been for the ‘Fast and Furious’ universe to grow and expand.” He then went on to confirm that he would not be in Fast and Furious 9 but said he is unclear if there will be the 10th movie and if so if he would be in it.

Even though the new spinoff may not have a lot of the same characters, from the looks of it, this movie will still be just as entertaining as the Fast and Furious series, thanks to all of the new and exciting characters that this film will feature.