‘Holey Moley’ Episode 3: Actor Anthony Anderson Joined the Panel

Basketball player Stephen Curry created and executively produces ABC’s Holey Moley which invites self-proclaimed mini golf champions to compete in an epic obstacle golf course. Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle are the show’s resident analysts, and on Episode 3 they were joined by famous actor and comedian, Anthony Anderson. The Real host Jeannie Mai also stars in the show as a sideline reporter who interviews the losing golfers.

Here’s how the competition works: for Round One, 12 golfers tee up in a head to head matchup. The winners go on to Round Two where they face off in a sudden death hole. Finally, the top three players advance to the Final Round, where they compete against each other at Mt. Holey Moley. The winner receives $25,000, a golden putter, and the coveted Holey Moley plaid jacket. Who took home the prize on Episode 3? Keep reading to find out!

Holey Moley Episode 3
AMANDEEP SINGH | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Round One of ‘Holey Moley’ Episode 3

62-year-old retired Navy veteran Ken faced off against 26-year-old bartender Michael at the Surfboard Turf hole. Michael, who experienced immense golf success in his youth, got cocky at the end missing an easy shot, and Ken won. Then, at the Slip n Putt, 32-year-old Krystal and 31-year-old Nick competed against each other, with Nick pulling out the win, and Mark won at The Sweet Spot. Valeria from Columbia beat 39-year-old Craig at the Arc de Tri golf and 18-year-old Sarah, the youngest golfer in the competition, also advanced to the second round.

Finally, 36-year-old Bhangra dancer Amandeep and songwriter Marlene went head to head at the Caddy Smack. Because the course is so long, the golfers can choose between Steph Curry and a robot to initially hit the ball for them. Marlene picked the basketball player while Amandeep chose the robot, and ultimate the dancer won the round.

Round Two of ‘Holey Moley’ Episode 3

Actor Anthony Anderson from the hit ABC show, Blackish, joined hosts Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle to commentate Round 2. In the Distractor course, the golfers have to stay focused to make their shot. The kilt-wearing Ken went up against the Star Wars fanatic Sarah. Unfortunately, the beautiful contortionists distracted the retired vet, and the young golfer, Sarah, advanced to the next round.

Then, Amandeep, a realtor, and Valeria, a golfing mom, faced off in Log Roll. The logs stumped Valeria and Amandeep made his shot first, earning him the second round victory. Finally, Mark, The Ice Cream Man, and Nick went head to head in Tee’d Off, where the losing golfer is eliminated by dropping 20 feet into the water below the platform. Nick, also known as “Nick the Brick,” nailed his first shot, sending Mark for a swim and out of the competition.

Final Round of ‘Holey Moley’ Episode 3

Sarah, Amandeep, and Nick all competed in the final at the intimidating Mt. Holey Moley. The Star Wars fan and dancer initially hit gutter balls and had bad placements for their next swing. However, Nick hit his first ball into one of the three holes, and he received a perfect position for his next swing. Sarah messed up on an easy shot, and even though Nick also botched his next turn, “The Brick” had fewer strokes. The 31-year-old who claims he has only read one book took home the Holey Moley title and rewards.

To find out who wins next, watch Holey Moley Thursdays at 8 P.M. EST on ABC!