‘Big Brother 21’: What Does Holly Allen’s ‘Old Buzzard’ Zing Mean, and How Did She React To It?

Holly Allen is the only contestant to win two Head of Household titles in Big Brother 21 even though she’s played a relatively quiet game. Before entering the house, she knew Kathryn Dunn as they both worked in the pageant industry, so they made a Final Two pact together.

Not wanting anyone in the house to know, they played separate games; Allen a part of the major alliance Gr8ful and Dunn in an alliance of her own. However, the pageant beauty got into a showmance with Jackson Michie and spilled their secret to him.

It led to Dunn’s eviction and the end of Allen’s six-person alliance, and the couple has since alienated themselves. However, after back-to-back HoH and Veto Competition wins, the showmance is in power with a Final Four and seemingly no one targeting them.

Allen’s celebration over their successful two weeks came to an end when the trash-talking robot, Zingbot, entered the house and called her an “old buzzard.” During the broadcast, it made it seem like her diss referenced her 31 years of age. However, there was a harsher second layer to her zing that she did not react well to after finding out.

Holly old buzzer
Holly Alexander, Kathryn Dunn, and Jackson Michie | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Holly Allen’s ‘old buzzard’ meaning

Zingbot said that even though Nicole Anthony has a massive fear of birds, she has “been living with an old buzzard named Holly.” Everyone laughed, initially thinking the zing referenced her relationship with Michie, who is seven years her senior.

However, when Tommy Bracco, Jessica Milagros, and Allen were outside tanning, Bracco informed her of “the other layer” to her diss. He explained to her that buzzards are birds that get the leftovers because Michie and Kathryn Dunn had a few sexual interactions before Allen and the server got together.

Basically, Zingbot called her old and said she got Dunn’s “sloppy seconds.” Milagros explained that the zing was “specified” to her, but couldn’t further elaborate as Big Brother told her she could not talk about her diary room sessions with other Houseguests.

How did Holly react to her ‘old buzzard’ zing?

Before Bracco defined her diss, Allen was confused because she said people usually tell her she looks young for her age. The pageant beauty then began to question how America viewed her and how she was being portrayed on the show.

After learning the true meaning behind her zing, Allen became extremely upset and threatened to self-evict because she “did not sign up to have her character misconstrued.” The following day, she was still hurt by the diss and accused the Big Brother production crew of “playing with people’s real lives.”

Allen also opened up about her conservative and strict family, saying they would not appreciate the zing, and she did not want to embarrass them. Since then, she has lightened up about the ‘old buzzard’ comment and said she felt like it was coming true because she woke up with random pains.

Will Allen ever get over her zing? Watch Big Brother Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.