5 Hollywood Rumors: Is ‘Captain Marvel’ Close to Landing a Director?

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Every week, we take an in-depth look at the latest Hollywood rumors, from casting chatter to potential directorial choices to the latest TV revivals. This week brought us plenty more speculation, including three possible candidates to helm Captain Marvel and the latest on both Thor: Ragnarok and Transformers: The Last Knight. Below, check out the five biggest rumors coming out of Hollywood this week.

1. Captain Marvel might be helmed by one of these directors

Director Niki Caro

Director Niki Caro | Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Marvel has reportedly narrowed its shortlist of potential directors for Captain Marvel down to just three candidates. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Niki Caro, Lesli Linka Glatter, and Lorene Scafaria are all currently in the running to helm the company’s first female-led superhero flick.

The three filmmakers come from pretty diverse backgrounds. Caro helmed the Oscar-nominated 2002 flick Whale Rider, as well as McFarland, USA and The Zookeeper’s Wife. Glatter has more experience in TV, helming episodes of acclaimed shows like Homeland, The Newsroom, Mad Men, and True Blood. Meanwhile, Scafaria has focused on indies in the past, writing Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and making her directorial debut with Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

With all of the candidates having different strengths, it remains to be seen which will come out as the frontrunner to get the gig or whether Marvel will go with someone else altogether. Captain Marvel will hit theaters on March 8, 2019.

2. Thor: Ragnarok may be connected to Doctor Strange

Various set photos from Thor: Ragnarok have been posted online over the last week, including the ones above. In one of Pearson’s pictures, Thor is seen holding a business card that reads “177A Bleecker St” — an address that comic book fans may recognize as Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

It remains unclear whether Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange will actually appear in the movie or if this is just a clever Easter egg tying the two films together, so fans will have to wait for more details. Thor: Ragnarok arrives November 3, 2017.

3. Nashville could lose one of its lead stars

Nashville Series FInale - ABC

Nashville | ABC

The country music drama Nashville, formerly on ABC, was picked up at CMT for a 22-episode fifth season, but one of its stars may not be around for all of it. According to Entertainment Weekly, Connie Britton, who plays superstar singer Rayna James on the show, is reportedly only set to appear in 10 episodes of the upcoming season. After that, her status on the show is unclear. Though there’s a chance that Britton will depart the series after fulfilling her contract, some sources close to the show say that her deal is not final and that she could be back for more episodes in the future. Stay tuned.

Nashville‘s fifth season hits CMT on January 5.

4. The Transformers: The Last Knight plot will have ties to Arthurian times

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime | Paramount

According to a recent report from JoBlo, The Last Knight will kick off with Optimus Prime returning to Cybertron only to discover that it’s in shambles. In order to fix the planet, he needs a specific artifact from Earth — one that also happened to give Merlin his powers during medieval times.

While that plot has yet to be officially confirmed, recent set photos seem to corroborate that the film will have some kind of tie to that time period. Case in point? Pictures released on the BBC show actors wearing medieval garb and riding horses. So at the very least, it looks like audiences can expect will some kind of flashback to that historical period.

The Last Knight recently moved production to the United Kingdom. The movie is set to premiere on June 23, 2017.

5. Young Justice could get a Season 3 on Netflix

Young Justice

Young Justice | Cartoon Network

Young Justice, the animated DC show about a team of teen superheroes, was cancelled after its second season on Cartoon Network, but it may have a shot at renewal on Netflix — at least, according to original writer Peter David. The streaming company has added the show’s Season 2 to its catalogue and is rumored to be interested in pursuing a third season.

The speculation started after a Reddit user recently posted that David had confirmed a third season on Netflix during a panel at Connecticut’s TerrificCon Comic-Con. The scribe later said that he was misquoted, but maintains that hope is not lost for fans. As he explained (via Collider):

Suddenly I’ve been getting barraged with tweets and emails from fans asking me if it’s true that I’ve had a meeting with Netflix about writing the third season. Why? Because someone asked me the question at the recent Terrificon in Connecticut and, rather than report the answer I’ve given at least a hundred times, he instead provided his own version. I’ve no doubt it was an innocent mistake, but it’s caused a MAJOR headache for me.

Furthermore I’m now worried it could do damage to the cause, because people might think, “We did it! There’s gonna be a third season, done deal!” and then stop watching. Which would then cause Netflix to say, “Hunh, people have stopped watching, guess it was just a passing fad,” and that’s that.

So I will say it once more: It is NOT a done deal. So continue watching Young Justice if you want to have a hope of a third season.

Viewers will have to wait for Netflix’s final decision. In the meantime, Season 2 of Young Justice is now available for streaming.

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