5 Hollywood Rumors: Is Sony Planning a New Spider-Man Universe?

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Every week, we take an in-depth look at the latest Hollywood rumors, from casting speculation to potential directorial choices to the latest TV revivals. This week brought us plenty more gossip, including the latest on a possible partnership between Marvel and Fox, a new potential addition to Agents of SHIELD, and plans for a Spider-Man universe. Below, check out the five biggest rumors coming out of Hollywood this week.

1. Marvel and Fox may be planning a crossover

Sony’s decision to partner with Marvel to reboot its Spider-Man franchise has been met with good feedback so far, and now it seems another studio is planning on recruiting the comic conglomerate’s help. According to new reports, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox might be in “early talks” to have some of Fox’s licensed Marvel characters cross paths with some of the famous heroes in the wildly successful MCU.

Fat Man on Batman podcast producer Matt Key recently hinted at the possibility of the crossover between franchises. “I’ve heard from a few of my sources, my little birds, that Fox and Marvel have kind of talked, but not really, but there’s interest from Fox,” he told Collider in a video above. “We’re years from that ever possibly happening, but I think that’s what it would take, is Fox joining hands with Marvel.”

Fans have long wanted to see the X-Men and the Avengers together, but since Fox is unlikely to give up the rights to the former, the studios would have to strike up a partnership to make that happen. However, as Key pointed out, such a deal could take years, so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too much yet.

2. Sony wants to make an entire Spider-Man universe


Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War | Source: Marvel

Sony has struggled to make its Spider-Man franchises work in the past, but the property made a bit of a rebound after the studio partnered with Marvel to reboot the character with younger actor, Tom Holland. Holland’s version of the character, which debuted in this year’s Captain America: Civil War, has been widely well-received so far and is set to go on his own solo adventure in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. But Sony isn’t stopping there. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, studio chief Tom Rothman confirmed that Sony once again has plans to pursue an entire Spider-Man universe.

When asked if Sony plans to build a Spider-Man universe or do more work with Marvel, Rothman said: “Yes to both those questions. It’s been fantastic, our relationship with Marvel.” He also added, “A movie like Spider-Man by Marvel, that’s not inexpensive. But it’s a great investment. Knowing that Marvel has such a clear, creative vision, I sleep very well at night.”

Given that clear vision, it’s no wonder that the studio wants to pursue a Spider-Man universe. This isn’t the first time it’s attempted similar plans. At one point, Sony was developing a Venom movie and a Sinister Six film in addition to an Amazing Spider-Man 3, but those plans were pushed aside after the reboot with Marvel.

So what films could come out of a Spider-Man universe this time? It seems a Silver Sable movie is a possibility, as Jeff Sneider recently suggested that Sony was developing a film about the Marvel antiheroine in a recent episode of Popcorn Talk. Fans will have to stay tuned to see whether or not those plans come to fruition.

3. Agents of SHIELD might be casting a Ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes

Robbie Reyes | Source: Marvel

TVLine recently reported that Agents of SHIELD Season 4 is casting “a pair of Latino brothers, one of whom is always the most dangerous person in the room, the other paralyzed in a wheelchair.” The description has fans speculating that the two brothers in question could be Marvel NOW! Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes and his handicapped younger sibling Gab.

Rumors that Agents of SHIELD could introduce Ghost Rider have long been circulating and Robbie’s inclusion would match up with that speculation, even if the character shares a very different backstory than the traditional Ghost Rider. Of course, even if Agents of SHIELD does introduce his character, there’s always the chance that they won’t actually have Robbie turn into Ghost Rider, at least in the upcoming season.

Marvel hasn’t commented on the rumors, but fans will likely find out more when ABC’s Agents of SHIELD heads to Comic-Con 2016 this month.

4. Arrow may make a new Green Lantern connection in Season 5


Arrow | Source: The CW

Arrow has been dropping Green Lantern teases since early in Season 4, and next season may be no different. According to TVInsider, actress Carly Pope has boarded Season 5 in the recurring role of Susan Williams, a Coast City journalist headed to Star City “looking to make a name for herself” by targeting Oliver Queen for a big story.

As comic fans know, Williams is the wife of Jim Jordan, Hal Jordan’s (aka Green Lantern’s) brother. So could this be a hint that Arrow is now one step closer to teaming with a member of the Lantern Corps? Don’t count on it just yet, as last season’s teases ultimately didn’t end up leading to anything. Arrow returns to Wednesday nights on The CW this October.

5. Bryan Cranston may pop up in Better Call Saul Season 3

Breaking Bad fans have long since been wondering if there’s a possibility that a pre-cancer version of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White will show up on AMC’s Better Call Saul at some point. It turns out Cranston may have a hand in the next season of the show, but not in the way you might have expected.

In a recent interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Cranston said he actually has been asked to direct an episode of the drama, but hasn’t decided whether he wants to take the gig yet. As he explained:

I love “Better Call Saul,” and I don’t want to get into the background of it. I don’t even want to talk about the producing entity of it. I have an opportunity to direct an episode of “Saul,” and I’m debating whether I want to or not, because I’m a fan of the show. In order to direct, I need to know what no fan knows, I need to go back, and they’ll tell me “here’s what’s going to happen and leading up to the episode.” And there’s a part of me that says, “oh, that would kind of kill it for me as a fan, to peek behind the curtain,” so I don’t know if I am going to.

While those are certainly good reasons not to take the gig, there’s no question that fans are eager to see Cranston involved in the show in some capacity. Whether it’ll happen behind the cameras or in a long-awaited cameo remains to be seen. Better Call Saul Season 3 is expected to kick off in early 2017.

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