Selena Gomez and More Popular Hollywood Stars Who Stormed Out of Interviews

Celebrities have bad days at work just like the rest of us. Many of them resort to taking a break by storming off the set of projects while they are filming. But it has also happened in interviews, which makes things very awkward since the interviews are usually still released.

A lot of celebrities have been insulted by certain questions they were asked by reporters. This has led to them rushing out and usually never coming back to finish the conversation. So who has stormed out of interviews, and what exactly made them angry?

Here are 15 Hollywood stars who stormed out of interviews.

1. Justin Bieber hung up after an interviewer joked about his mother

Young man in a black cap and gray sweater holding a microphone

Justin Bieber wasn’t happy with the questions about his mom. | Noam Galai/Getty Images

The singer was doing a phone interview with MOJO in the Morning, but he didn’t appreciate when other performers were mentioned. The host said when he first heard “Boyfriend,” he thought it was Justin Timberlake. The singer said, “That’s crazy because our voices sound nothing alike.” Then the pop star went on to say it wasn’t a compliment.

Another tough spot in the interview was when Bieber was asked if he was worried about Harry Styles being around his mom, since the One Direction singer likes older women. Bieber then responds, “I think you should worry about your mom, bro.” Things got even more awkward when the interviewer said his mom is dead. Bieber then hung up.

The phone call didn’t exactly end there. The host stayed on as his coworkers tried to get the singer back on the line. At first, they think it’s because he has bad service, but then it was revealed that he was offended by the reporter’s questioning.

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2. Robert Downey Jr. leaves after being asked about his drug history

The Iron Man star was talking about a new movie and the interview was going fine — until it took a turn. When the interviewer started asking about his drug past, he got up to walk away.

Before leaving the room, the actor says,”This is getting a little bit Diane Sawyer.”

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3. Joan Rivers leaves after being accused of being mean

The comedian was doing an interview on CNN when her fashion critiquing was brought up. When her comments were called mean, Joan Rivers repeated answered, “It’s not mean, it’s not mean.”

Other things are later brought up, from Casey Anthony jokes in her book to her wearing fur on the cover of the book. Rivers then said, “This whole interview is becoming a defensive interview,” before leaving.

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4. Donald Trump leaves after he’s asked to address accusations of racism and sexism

The president was questioned about his prejudices multiple times throughout his campaign. In this interview, he was asked about him being labeled a racist and sexist, but he started walking away before the question was even fully finished.

He then said, “I’m the least racist person you’ve ever met,” and left.

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5. Chris Martin left after feeling like the interviewer was ‘journalistically twisting’ his words

Chris Martin performing with a microphone in his hand as he looks towards the audience.

He did not let himself get pushed around by the journalist. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Coldplay singer was doing a radio interview when he accused the interviewer of being deceptive. When asked about his speech where he said the band will be away “for a very long time,” he responded with, “I always say stupid things and I think Radio 4 is the place that will most remind me of that.”

He then continued, “I’d say you’re journalistically twisting me into saying something I don’t really mean.” Things didn’t get any better, so he said he wasn’t enjoying this and ended up walking out of the interview.

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6. Selena Gomez leaves after being asked about Justin Biber

Selena Gomez performs at Staples Center, holding a microphone in her hand.

Selena Gomez was fed up with questions about ex Justin Bieber. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The pop star was in a radio interview that also used video. At the time, she recently split from her boyfriend Justin Bieber but she was still getting questions about him.

In this interview, she was asked: “Is there something about him we don’t get or we don’t understand? I mean, there is one story after another of pretty outrageous behavior that we’re reading about.”

Selena Gomez looks down throughout this questioning and nervously laughs. Then her live feed video cuts out, and she never returns to the interview.

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7. Robert Pattinson leaves after being asked about Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star was on On Air with Ryan Seacrest to promote the franchise’s new movie. Robert Pattinson’s relationship with Kristen Stewart was pretty public, but that wasn’t always a good thing.

Ryan Seacrest asked, “What do you say to your fans who are desperate to know about you and your costar Kristen?” This is when his publicist basically rushes the actor out of the interview. But Pattinson does laugh and says, “I can tell them to watch New Moon, it’s a fantastic movie!”

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8. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt leave after being asked about sex

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt stand next to each other at a movie premiere.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt weren’t happy about this personal question. | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The actors starred in the movie, Passengers, together. They weren’t in a real relationship, so it was pretty awkward when a radio interview began discussing sex. The interviewer asked, “What’s the most adventurous place you’ve had sex, either of you?”

Chris Pratt answered on a plane, and Jennifer Lawrence said she likes being safe. But then the actors disappeared from the interview, and someone else said they are wrapping things up.

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9. Mel B leaves after the hosts tease a ‘feud’ between her and Iggy Azalea

A collage featuring Mel B and Iggy Azalea.

Left: Mel B posing on the red carpet | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Right: Iggy Azalea posing backstage|  Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

The America’s Got Talent judge was on Sunrise when the hosts teased their upcoming interview by saying, “Don’t miss Mel on X Factor, 7:30 tonight — how will she and Iggy get on?” (referring to Iggy Azalea being the new addition to The X Factor, which she was judging at the time). That’s when Mel B got up to walk out, saying, “Oh gosh, what is all this? I’m leaving!”

It seems like Mel B did the interview to talk about there not being a feud between her and her fellow female judge, but decided not to stick around to feed into fake drama for that segment.

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10. Naomi Campbell leaves after being asked receiving a diamond gift

The model was asked about receiving a diamond from former Liberian leader Charles Taylor. She responds with “I did not receive a diamond and I’m not going to speak about that, thank you very much.”

The interviewer kept pushing so Naomi Campbell got up, and when a cameraman turned a camera on her, she reportedly pushed it away.

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11. Boy George leaves after being asked about his conviction

Boy George is wearing a white top hat and in a patterned jacket as he sings.

Boy George left an interview after the reporter brought up a touchy subject. | Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

In an interview, the performer was asked about his 2009 conviction of assaulting a male escort.

He responded with, “You know what, why don’t you move on to something more helpful, you know what I mean? In fact, you know what … thank you.” Then, he left.

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12. Paris Hilton leaves after being asked about her fame

The former reality star used to be all over the tabloids and television, but isn’t quite as exposed anymore. So the interviewer asked, “Do you ever wonder if your moment having passed?”

The question made someone flag Paris Hilton to get up and leave the interview.

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13. Little Mix leaves after being asked about Justin Bieber

The girl group has a long history of walking out of interviews. They have reportedly done it multiple times and often come back claiming the whole thing is a joke. The most notable time was when the group was doing a radio interview, and the host asked if they are often asked about Justin Bieber.

Jade leaves and the interviewer begins to cry. The group then claimed the whole thing was just a joke and came back.

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14. Rita Ora leaves after being asked about Calvin Harris keeping her music

The singer was in an interview, talking about performing on stage and her upcoming music. But things took a turn when the interviewer asked about Calvin Harris not releasing some of her music.

She abruptly said, “Thank you,” and then made a quick exit.

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15. Nicki Minaj leaves after being asked if she thrives off of drama

Nicki Minaj poses on the red carpet in a black and buckle dress.

Nicki Minaj didn’t appreciate the interviewer’s question. | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The rapper was asked about the conflict going on between Cash Money co-founder Bryan Williams and many artists, including Drake and Lil Wayne. She answered the question, but it was followed up with another question: “Is there a part of you that thrives on drama, or is it no, just pain and unpleasantness—.”

The rapper didn’t like this question at all. “That’s disrespectful,” she said. “Why would a grown-a** woman thrive off drama?” She continued to explain why the question was terrible, but eventually just sent the reporter out, stating, “I don’t care to speak to you anymore.”

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