Hollywood’s First Wives Club: Meet the Women Who Used to Be Married to A-List Actors

When it comes to celebrity marriages, some of the richest and most successful actors have walked down the aisle more than once.

Sure, you can name who they’re married to now, but can you recall who they used to be married to, or did you forget they were even married before? Here are the first wives of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars.

1. Samantha Lewes, first wife of Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks posing with Samantha Lewes at a park.

The college sweethearts married very young. | YouTube

It seems like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been together forever, but once upon a time, the Forrest Gump star was married to someone else.

When he was just 21 years old, Hanks wed his college sweetheart Susan Dillingham who acted under the stage name Samantha Lewes.  She had roles in Mr. Success and the show Bosom Buddies, which Hanks starred in. They were married from 1978 to 1987 and had two children together.

Lewes died of bone cancer on March 12, 2002.

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2. Talia Balsam, first wife of George Clooney

A collage featuring Talia Balsam and George Clooney.

Left: Talia Balsam | Astrid Stawiarz/Stringer/Getty Images | Right: George Clooney | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

George Clooney, the man who was once referred to as the ultimate bachelor, was married to another woman long before he tied the knot with his current wife, Amal.

Back in 1989, Clooney married Talia Balsam, the daughter of actors Martin Balsam and Joyce Van Patten. The marriage didn’t last and they divorced in 1993. After that, Clooney said he would never marry again — that was until he met Amal, of course.

Balsam also remarried. She and John Slattery said “I do” in 1998. The pair even played husband and wife onscreen as Roger and Mona Sterling in Mad Men.

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3. Mimi Rogers, first wife of Tom Cruise

A collage featuring Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise.

Left: Mimi Rogers | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Right: Tom Cruise | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Tom Cruise has been married (and divorced) three times. We all remember his marriage to actress Katie Holmes and actress Nicole Kidman before that, but some may have forgotten that he was married even before that to yet another actress.

Cruise and Mimi Rogers got hitched in 1987. Although their marriage only lasted three years, it was Rogers who got the Hollywood heavyweight involved in Scientology as her father was one of the church’s most powerful and influential members at the time.

While Cruise remains a devout Scientologist, Rogers and her father have since left the church.

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4. Mary Marquardt, first wife of Harrison Ford

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford posing in front of a marble wall.

Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford | YouTube

We have become so accustomed to seeing Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart together that we tend to forget the Indiana Jones actor was married two other times.

Before he met Flockhart, who is 23 years his junior, Ford was married to second wife Melissa Mathison, a late screenwriter he had two kids with.

Prior to that, he was married to his college sweetheart Mary Marquardt from 1964 to 1979. They also had two children together and their sons are now both successful business owners.

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5. Kim Basinger, first wife of Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger posing for photographers on a red carpet.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger | YouTube

Alec Baldwin is married to yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin now, but in 1993, he was to married actress Kim Basinger.

In 1995, the two welcomed Ireland Baldwin, their only child together. They divorced in 2002. Baldwin was the Oscar winning actress’s second husband. She did not remarry again.

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6.  Sheree Zampino, first wife of Will Smith

Collage featuring Sheree Zampino and Will Smith.

Left: Sheree Zampino | Rachel Murray/Getty Images, Right: Will Smith | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Will Smith was married to Sheree Zampino before Jada Pinkett Smith.The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor got hitched while he was starring on the famous sitcom.

The pair had one child together, but divorced after three years. Zampino then married former NFL running back Terrell Fletcher in 2007 and filed for divorce in 2014.

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7. Jennifer Esposito, first wife of Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper posing with Jennifer Esposito on a red carpet.

Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Before he began seriously dating and had a baby with supermodel Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper was married to another celebrity.

Cooper wed actress Jennifer Esposito in December 2006, but in May 2007, she filed for divorce, making their brief union one people tend to forget about.

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8. Diahnne Abbott, first wife of Robert De Niro

Diahnne Abbott and Robert De Niro sitting in a movie theatre.

Diahnne Abbott and Robert De Niro | YouTube

Robert De Niro married Grace Hightower in 1997, but that wasn’t his first trip down the aisle.

The actor was married to actress and singer Diahnne Abbott from 1976 to 1988. They had one son together, and De Niro adopted Abbott’s daughter from a previous relationship.

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9.  Scarlett Johansson, first wife of Ryan Reynolds

A collage featuring Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds.

Left: Scarlett Johansson |  Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Right: Ryan Reynolds | Lars Niki/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seem like the perfect Hollywood couple and have given us some serious relationship goals time and time again, but Reynolds was married to another movie star first.

In case you forgot, Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson. The two tied the knot in 2008, but called it quits in 2011. Prior to his relationship with ScarJo, Reynolds was also engaged to singer Alanis Morissette.

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10. Diandra Luker, first wife of Michael Douglas

Diandra Lurker and Michael Douglas walking past a crowd of paparazzi.

Diandra Lurker and Michael Douglas | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

There was actually a time when Michael Douglas was married to someone other than Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In 1977, the actor married Diandra Luker, who is a film producer and daughter of an Austrian diplomat. The pair officially divorced in 2000. Their son, Cameron Douglas, was released from prison in 2016 after serving seven years for drug charges.

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11.  Cassandra Harris, first wife of Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra Harris sitting together while being interviewed.

Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra Harris | YouTube

Before marrying Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce Brosnan was married to Australian actress Cassandra Harris. The Irish actor and Harris got hitched in 1980 and remained together until her death from ovarian cancer in 1991.

Brosnan and the former Bond girl had one biological son together, and he adopted her two children, Charlotte and Christopher, from previous relationships. In 2013, Charlotte died from the same disease that took her mother’s life.

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12. Patricia Gaul, first wife of Jeff Goldblum

Photo collage featuring Patricia Gaul and Jeff Goldblum.

Left: Patricia Gaul | YouTube, Right: Jeff Goldblum  | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Jeff Goldblum is married now to his third wife, Canadian Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston.

Goldblum’s second wife was Geena Davis, who he co-starred with in several movies. They were married from 1987 to 1990.

Prior to his marriage with Davis, Goldblum was married to another actress named Patricia Gaul. He and Gaul were together from 1980 to 1986 and appeared in the film Silverado together

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13. Cindy Silva, first wife of Kevin Costner

Cindy Silva and Kevin Costner walking alongside each other down a dark street.

Cindy Silva and Kevin Costner | YouTube

Kevin Costner has been married to model Christine Baumgartner since 2004, but several years before they met, he was married to Cindy Silva.

While a Delta Chi fraternity member in college, Costner wed Silva in 1978. They had three children together and ended their marriage in 1994.

Silva then received a whopping $80 million in what was one of Hollywood’s most expensive divorces.

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14. Donna Peele, first wife of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele embracing as they pose for photos.

Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele | YouTube

Although he’s single now, Charlie Sheen was married three times.

Most people can recall his failed marriages to Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, but he was also married to another woman long before he met them. Sheen tied the knot with Donna Peele in 1995, just six weeks after they met while filming a cigarette commercial together.

That same year, the actor was named as one of the celebrity clients of an escort agency run by Heidi Fleiss. Sheen and Peele divorced in 1996.

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15. Melissa Lee Gatlin, first wife of Billy Bob Thorton

A collage featuring Melissa Lee Gatlin and Billy Bob Thornton.

Left: Melissa Lee Gatlin | YouTube, Right: Billy Bob Thornton | Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Billy Bob Thorton has had quite a few wives — six, to be exact. While everyone remembers his three-year marriage to Angelina Jolie, in which the pair wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks, no one knows much about his other five wives.

His first wife was named Melissa Lee Gatlin and they said “I do” in 1978, but divorced in 1980. They share one daughter, Amanda Brumfield, who made headlines in 2011 when she was convicted of manslaughter in the death of 1-year-old and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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