‘Hot and Heavy’: This TLC Show Is Drawing Major Backlash for Its Mixed-Weight Couples Cast

TLC released a trailer for its upcoming reality series titled Hot and Heavy. The show is set to follow three couples that are mixed-weight. Over the course of three one-hour episodes, viewers will see how the couples deal with the stigma they face when out in public.

Joy and Chris, Kristin and Rusty, and Adrianna and Ricardo will showcase their relationships on the cable network program as they confront real-life situations.

Mixed-Weight Couple
Mixed-Weight Couple | Susan Tan / Ruaridh Connellan / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

“My mom told me that it would be difficult to find love if I was heavy,” Joy says at the beginning of the trailer. Her partner Chris says that he “loves every inch” of her as “there’s a lot of inches to love.”

“I always had this idea that I didn’t deserve love because of what I looked like,” Adrianna adds. She ends up finding love with Ricardo who says that she “is the hottest woman I’ve seen in my life.”

“I think every girl hopes they’re going to get a hunky husband, so, I totally hit the jackpot,” Kristin says while rubbing Rusty’s shirtless body. He, in turn, says that he “wouldn’t mind if she was a little bit bigger.”

Later on in the trailer, there’s a scene where a passerby heckles Adrianna making fun of her weight. She then later confronts a guy that bullied her in high school.

Friends also get involved, as is the case of Chris, whose friend tries to persuade him to try to find a woman more “conventionally attractive.”

Reactions to ‘Hot and Heavy’ trailer

Shortly after TLC posted the clip on social media, viewers started coming in deep with their comments.

Some people believe that the cable network is promoting being morbidly obese. “I get that obese people need love too but celebrating morbid obesity is just wrong, it’s not something to aspire to. Definitely avoiding this show,” the viewer replied.

One thought it was just a sexual fantasy. “A lot of times it is just a fetish,” the Twitter user said. “Those men usually just love the fact that they’re needed and that’s why they try to keep the ladies that size. Once they start losing weight, the men don’t find them as attractive anymore.”

Another user pointed out that there were only plus-size women featured. “So will there be a couple the other way around? Him big, her not, just curious,” the viewer asked.

Other’s supported the show and were happy to become a fan. “I want to watch this show,” the soon-to-be fan said. “I’m glad these men feel that way about the love of their lives. It doesn’t matter what people think or say if they are in love and happy, that’s all that matters.”

TLC is definitely creating controversy with this show and it will have people tune in just to see what it’s about. The network that airs Counting On and 90 Day FiancĂ© also has My 600 lb. life, which will make for a good companion series.

Hot and Heavy is set to premiere on Tuesday, January 7 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.