‘Hot Ones’ is Being Turned Into a Sweat-Inducing TV Game Show

One of the most unconventional yet interesting interview shows out there is the Complex-produced “Hot Ones” from First We Feast. The web series is a draw on YouTube for its unique setup where celebrities sit down for a one-on-one with host Sean Evans and partake in spicy wings that get hotter and hotter.

Guests have included Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Hart, Billie Eilish, Halle Berry, and Paul Rudd. Now, the creators behind the series are passing out plates to the general public for the chance to play and win.

Sean Evans with Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra Jonas on 'Hot Ones'
Sean Evans with Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra Jonas on ‘Hot Ones’ | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

A ‘Hot Ones’ game show is coming

WarnerMedia just announced that Hot Ones: The Game Show is heading to truTV to give non-celebrities a shot at testing their tongue tolerance levels for a prize. Evans is on deck to lead contestants into the “Pepperdome” for a chance to compete for $25,000.

“Our Hot Ones interview show is all about deconstructing celebrities and making them seem like normal people,” said Evans. “With Hot Ones: The Game Show, we’re excited to flip the script and give everyday people the chance to achieve hot sauce glory.”

Instead of trying to create homemade versions of the show from the comfort of one’s living room, fans are being given the opportunity to compete as a team to power through trivia questions and flaming taste buds.

How the ‘Hot Ones’ game show will be formatted

A pair of contestants will be set up to face off against another team of two and go through three grueling rounds of pop trivia and saucy wing-slinging. According to WarnerMedia, this will be no easy feat, as each participant will suffer through higher levels of heat and discomfort while trying to answer questions correctly:

“The teams will have their mental and visual skills tested through all three rounds as the burn sets in and the contestants become completely disoriented.
The team with the most cash at the end of all three rounds moves on to the finale, The Ring of Fire. Five flaming rings stand between the teammates and the cash, and they must work together to solve a password game, with each successful clue extinguishing another ring of flames as they get closer and closer to the money—and the antidote for their burning mouths. If the teammates fight through the pain and guess five correct passwords in 90 seconds, they’ll win $25,000 in cash and claim their places as Hot Ones legends!”

When will the show air?

Per the press release, production for Hot Ones: The Game Show is set to begin this fall, and episodes are due to air sometime in early 2020. TruTV has ordered 20 episodes of the series and each episode will be 30 minutes long.

Immediately following the game show, the First We Feast talk show will air as part of the network’s special “Hot Ones” hour. Each week, viewers can look forward to teams of their peers devour as many devilishly hot wings as they can, and then check out their favorite celebrities do the same thing afterward. Casting is already taking place in the Atlanta area, so if you’re interested, get the details here.