‘House of Cards’: Everything We Know About Season 6

House of Cards

House of Cards | Netflix

House of Cards‘ final season is sure to be one of the most interesting television stories of 2018. Never before in entertainment have we seen anything quite like this, with a series quickly writing out its lead character because the actor was accused of sexual misconduct.

It remains to be seen if the political drama can provide fans with a satisfying conclusion amid all of this drama, but it looks like Robin Wright and the rest of the crew are giving it their all. With a few months left to go until its release, let’s take a look at everything we know about the sixth season of House of Cards.

It was already in production when the Spacey allegations came out

Back in October 2017, House of Cards‘ sixth season had just recently gone into production. But then the Kevin Spacey allegations came out, and filming was shut down until further notice.

According to CNN, plans for the final season had been in place for eight months, but the showrunners had to scramble to rewrite the entire season in about three months. Production picked back up in late January, with Season 6 now revolving entirely around Claire.

Actress Patricia Clarkson recently explained, “We have beautiful showrunners, Frank [Pugliese] and Melissa [Gibson], and they killed themselves to rethink the whole show.”

There will only be eight episodes

Season 6 will be the shortest season of House of Cards. So far, every season has contained 13 episodes, but the sixth season will only have eight episodes, according to Deadline.

It was already going to be the final season

After Kevin Spacey was fired, Netflix announced that Season 6 would be the end of House of Cards. At the time, it seemed like Netflix was ending the show because of the Spacey controversy.

That’s apparently not the case, though. Constance Zimmer recently told Today, “What people don’t realize is that we already knew that this season was the final season before all of this happened.”

Robin Wright will direct the series finale

Wright confirmed to Today that she will be directing the final episode of House of Cards. Wright has previously directed at least one episode of every season since Season 2. Notably, in Season 5, she directed the last two episodes, which featured Claire killing Tom Yates and becoming president.

There will be some new characters

In January, Deadline reported that Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear would be joining the sixth season. Recently, we learned that they will play siblings who together run Shepherd Unlimited, a “leading industrial conglomerate whose family foundations exert a powerful behind-the-scenes force in the American political landscape.”

In addition, Cody Fern, who played David Madson in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, has also joined the sixth season. He’ll be playing the son of Diane Lane’s character and will represent the “next generation of D.C. power players,” Variety reports.

Frank Underwood leaning over the desk in the Oval Office, looking directly at the camera

House of Cards | Netflix

Frank Underwood will probably be killed off

How is Spacey’s absence going to be dealt with? We don’t really know yet, but it seems pretty likely that Frank Underwood will be killed off.

Variety reported not long after the Spacey allegations came out that producers were exploring a number of paths forward. The report stated, “One scenario being discussed is to kill off Spacey’s character, the villainous Frank Underwood, and have the show’s sixth and final season concentrate on his equally manipulative wife Claire, played by Robin Wright, according to insiders.” Now, it sounds like this is probably the path they took.

There would be a number of ways to kill off Frank, perhaps the most natural being having him die of a heart attack; the show had already established that Frank’s father died of a heart attack when he was 43, so this would make perfect sense.

It will be released near the end of the year

There’s no release date for the new season yet, but Netflix has said it will come out in the fall.

If we look back at Season 5, production wrapped in February 2017, and the season ended up coming out at the end of May. Season 6 wrapped production at the end of May 2018, so if the post-production takes about as long as it did for Season 5, the final season could be released on Netflix as soon as September.

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