‘House of Ho’: Could the Ho Family Be the Next Kardashians?

Reality television fans can’t get enough of their favorite high-profile and celebrity families. Whether it’s The Housewives of Beverly HillsLove & Marriage in Huntsville, or the infamous Osbournes, viewers can’t peel themselves away from the real-life drama on a wealthy scale. There’s just something about seeing how the rich live that offers a prime source of entertainment.

But there’s a new show coming to HBO Max that promises to introduce a new family. The Ho family rose to wealth in Texas, and some say, this Crazy Rich Asian style docu-series may prove to give the Kardashians and Vanderpumps a run for their money.

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Meet the ‘House of Ho’ family 

The Ho’s are a Vietnamese-American family who live in Texas. According to HBO Max, the multi-generational members include the parents, Binh Ho and Hue Ho, who immigrated to the states with very little money.

They soon built their empire from the ground up, which now includes a multi-million dollar bank and a booming real estate development company. Along for the ride with the family adventures are the couple’s daughter Judy, son Washington, Aunt Tina, and Cousin Sammy.

The series is centered around this family’s lavish and affluent, Houston area lifestyle, and as you may have suspected, includes a little bit of drama, too.

A ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ style series

Fans who enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians in the theater will definitely love peeking behind the curtain at the goings-on with the Ho family. The series will show all the fun, drama, and antics of this extended group of family members. And some of the synopsis reviews predict crazy times to come.

While the steadfast grandparents can be voices of smart business and reason, the younger generations may have a different lease on life. The son, Washington, is rumored to be a party animal whose revolving door of love interests should keep things interesting enough.

But Aunt Tina, with her purple streaked hair, may soon become a fan favorite too. Add in the various personalities of spouses, cousins, and a few family friends, and the stories are bound to be entertaining.

Move over Kardashians; the Ho’s are coming to television

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Some are already predicting this HBO Max show will be well-received among reality television viewers. The Kardashians, with their wealthy and upscale lifestyles in the public eye, have certainly helped turn nearly every member of the Kardashian and Jenner families into stars.

Similarly, the Ho family is primed to piggyback off of that real-life camera angle into the lives of a rich and successful bunch. Considering the popularity of past celebrity couples and filthy rich families, the Ho’s may be ushering in the next television chapter of luxurious living and drama.

‘House of Ho’: the original launch date delayed

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The show, House of Ho, was originally intended to launch on HBO Max on July 16th this year according to Thrillist. But the producers are holding off on the streaming just yet and plan to introduce the show later this fall. A new date has not been officially announced, but the network officials felt the non-fiction series might be more suitable for release this fall or around the holidays.

It’s hard to say how well the House of Ho will be received when it finally becomes available. But based on the success of shows like it before, and the promise of new and crazy personalities to meet, most say it could be huge.

If it offers any of the entertainment fans got from Crazy Rich Asians, which it seems it will, and even more, it may mean the Ho family is about to become a household name. In the meantime, reality TV fans will just have to sit tight. HBO Max will undoubtedly make the announcements about official streaming availability dates in the coming weeks.