How 1 Huge Mistake Got MCU Fans Overexcited For Nothing

Connecting some of the Marvel characters that were once property of 20th Century Fox/Studios to the MCU has been a fan wish for a long while. X-Men has been one of those, despite Kevin Feige reportedly wanting to reboot these superheroes away from the Fox editions.

Recently, part of the excitement over that came from a movie adaptation of The New Mutants after being delayed for a couple of years. Now it’s finally going to be released this April before Phase Four of the MCU kicks off.

Then again, it’s not really supposed to be a part of the MCU…or is it? There was a mistake mentioned on the D23 website recently mentioning The New Mutants would be a part of the MCU.

Did the site screw up, or did they reveal a major secret?

From all indications, it was just a mistake

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

According to Screen Rant, D23’s website mentioned by accident TNM would become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when promoting the film recently. D23 is already known as a top-tier source for Disney information, though it’s not an official hub for Disney to post news.

When D23 mentioned the MCU in the same breath as the above movie, Disney noticed and apparently asked the site to take it down. It’s no longer mentioned, despite getting MCU fans in a dither about The New Mutants possibly being in the same universe as the Avengers.

So much for jumping the gun without getting the official word first. Perhaps the writer(s) of the promotional blurb heard some kind of rumor and decided to run with the info. Or, it was just written on the fly without much thought to how it might be perceived.

Either way, it still has fans talking about how Marvel is really going to treat The New Mutants. Part of this comes in an unfounded rumor of Robert Downey, Jr. having a cameo in the movie. Chances are good it still isn’t related to the MCU, while maybe meaning it will later if it does well at the box office.

Delayed films don’t always do well

Considering the film was delayed all this time brings a lot of questions about how much faith 20th Century Studios/Disney has in the film. Having it lead off this summer’s MCU slate is an interesting strategy, however. Much of this was probably because it had extensive reshoots on behest of Fox.

Many might assume a tangential connection to Phase Four ultimately exists since it’ll release just a month before Black Widow does in May. Maybe Marvel wanted TMN to stand alone at the moment before the MCU saga continues.

Should it become a surprise hit, it’ll likely be a start to doing official Marvel versions of X-Men films down the line. It could also mean The New Mutants having a sequel with references to the MCU characters if not cameos.

The cast is certainly appealing. Having Maisie Williams in the lead as Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane is a major coup after her iconic time on Game of Thrones. Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Heaton are also well-known names to attract a Millennial audience.

It’s a more human tale in many ways

To distinguish itself as its own possible franchise, The New Mutants mostly takes place in a secret facility where the Mutants are kept against their will. It’s there where they’ll discover their powers, yet not use them to attempt to save the world (at the moment). 

A superhero scenario like this sounds more real and a little dark, giving stronger hints toward why Fox demanded reshoots after it initially didn’t test well. There’s all possibility Disney eventually made it line up within the PG-13 framework they demand with the Marvel superhero movies to distinguish themselves away from DC.

Then other news popped up later saying Fox would use director Josh Boone’s original cut after all. At this point, nobody knows what to believe and what style the film will really be other than reportedly having horror elements.

Apparently April is now the cornfield of movie release months before the summer season kicks off in earnest by May.