How Alexander Ludwig Shared a Sweet Tribute To His Fiancé

Alexander Ludwig, the talented actor and singer known for his role as Bjorn Ironside in Vikings, is now a happily engaged man. He and his fiancé, Lauren Dear, recently spent some time in Wyoming, where the two had fun in the snow on snowmobiles. This trip comes two weeks after Ludwig announced on social media that the couple is now engaged.

Just four days ago, Ludwig shared a sweet and moving tribute to his fiancé, and it’s honestly something his fans need to see.

Alexander Ludwig is now engaged to Lauren Dear

Alexander Ludwig
Alexander Ludwig | Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

Ludwig previously dated fellow actor and Vikings co-star Kristy Dawn Dinsmore since 2017. However, he’s now engaged to Lauren Dear, and the couple made things public in September of this year, according to E News. Ludwig and Dear have posted cute pictures together, and their relationship has been taken to the next step with a rather large engagement ring.

Two weeks ago, Ludwig shared the happy news along with a few photos of the two seated next to each other. Dear has on a sparkling engagement ring, and the two seem rather happy.

“Goldilocks and Bambi live happily ever after 😯🧑🏼❤️🦌💍 !!!,” Ludwig captioned the post on Instagram. He even included a diamond ring emoji, and Dear shared the same post with her followers as well.

Ludwig also wrote yet another post in an Instagram Story thanking everyone for the “well wishes.” “Thank you to everyone for all the amazing well wishes,” he said. “Yes I am the luckiest man in the d**** world to have this one by my side.” He tagged his fiancé, and shared an image of the two along with Dear’s new ring.

How Ludwig shared a sweet tribute to his fiancé

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While vacationing on their recent trip to Wyoming, Ludwig shared a photo of his soon-to-be-wife with a big smile on his face next to his fiancé on a snowmobile. Dear kisses Ludwig’s cheek, and they’re bundled up in cold weather jackets. In the post, he talks about how hard the year has been for many, and he considers himself “the luckiest,” and that seems to have something to do with his new fiancé.

“It has been such a crazy year,” Ludwig wrote on Instagram. “There has been so much uncertainty and hardship for everyone and some were a lot worse off than others. I consider myself not just a lucky one but the luckiest because for me, what was so surreal was that amongst all of the uncertainty in the world I found myself in a place where I had never been more certain about anything in my entire life. I am so grateful to get to spend this time celebrating my engagement to the most incredible, loving, caring, and just straight-up awesome woman I have ever met.”

Ludwig continued to gush about his fiancé, revealing that she’s his “best friend,” and also his “rock.” It’s pretty clear Ludwig has found happiness by Dear’s side, and this post is enough to make any fan be happy for him.

“You’re not only my best friend but you’re my rock, my woman, my partner in crime and the one I want by my side through every up and down all the way until we are in rocking chairs playing cribbage together,” Ludwig continued. “I love your family, I love your friends, and most of all I love us. And maybe we had to quarantine for 14 days after we got engaged and maybe we can’t go home for Christmas, but I am home when I am with you, no matter where we are. You make it so easy. I love you baby and I will always love you. Now let’s go crash some more snowmobiles ❤️.”

Ludwig tagged his fiancé in the post as well, and it’s a truly heartwarming tribute to her. Both Ludwig and Dear posted pictures on Instagram of their trip to Wyoming. The couple seems to be happy following their recent engagement announcement.

We’ll have to see what the future holds for Alexander Ludwig and Lauren Dear in the future.