How An Alien Theme on ‘American Horror Story’ Could Connect To ‘Asylum’

American Horror Story is a pop-cultural phenomenon. After nine seasons and over 100 episodes, AHS has scared audiences everywhere and introduced a multilayered world where all seasons’ themes connect. So even though the same characters aren’t followed season to season, with the same actors taking on different roles each year, popular characters show up often.

Sarah Paulson’s Lana Winters has shown up in several season, same with Billie Dean Howard. Apocalypse just mashed Murder House and Coven together rather seamlessly, too. So, with the rumors and guesses for Season 10 focusing on aliens and space, revisiting Asylum is a no-brainer.

Ryan Murphy, creator and writer of 'American Horror Story,' poses at the Met Gala, 2019.
Ryan Murphy attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp, May 06, 2019 | Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Why do fans think Season 10 will be space-themed?

In an interview with Deadline, Ryan Murphy mentioned what he’s brainstormed for the Season 10 theme. “We flirted with aliens, we flirted with space, we flirted with some things that were more interesting than others,” he said. “I think that at the heart of it, it’s always about Americana. It would be hard to do something like that idea you mention, not that I wouldn’t.” 

Murphy also points out that the fans want aliens too. “The fans write in what they want, and they’re very excited about the Coven stuff and the aliens in season 2. They’ve always wanted something in space. It’s always a mysterious process of how I come up with the idea. I really don’t even understand it.”

Fans also noticed that in episode 8, which Murphy had hinted that a clue for Season 10 would appear in, aliens were mentioned, along with other urban legends like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. 

Evan Peters has been asking for a space season since 2015

Original cast member Evan Peters has also been rooting for a space season for years now. “I keep pitching that it should be in space because I think the contained thing in space is really scary!” Peters told Vulture in 2015. “It’s not as sexy as some of these past seasons, but space is very intense, and there are a lot of things can go wrong.” 

It is important to note that since Murphy hasn’t confirmed an alien-themed season, it could be something else. Murphy has said that “space” doesn’t constitute as “American” since it’s no on US soil. That could stop a season from happening on a space station, but aliens could still get involved. 

The aliens in ‘Asylum’ were underused 

It would honestly be criminal for Ryan Murphy to have a season revolve around aliens and not mention or call back to Asylum. It was the creepiest season and jampacked with different things: a mental asylum, aliens, Catholicism, nuns, the church, Satan! The list goes on. 

Aliens played a big part in the beginning, abducting Alma and Kit. This is the trigger that sends Kit to Briarcliff in the first place. They’re a central theme, but they’re not really “seen” again until the end when they abduct Kit a final time. Aliens are a concept that AHS can do many different things with, yet they were underutilized in Season 2. 

In that same interview with Vulture in 2015, Peters also noted that bringing AHS back to Asylum would bring more closure for the characters in that season. “We’d get to have closure with them. Figure out what happened there!” he said. “And then for the space station, you’ve got to have a crew. You always have the smartass one, the genius brainy one, the leader, so you’d have to have all of those in there. Space is really scary, though.”

Kit Walker’s kids could have a significant role

Kit had a physical relationship with both Alma and Grace, so his two kids (Thomas and Julia) are his biologically. However, all three of them were abducted at some point, with Alma spending the most time with the aliens. Their kids are shown to be very gifted and grow up to be highly successful in their fields. Plus, they manage to heal, or help heal, Jude, after she comes to live with Kit. 

If they aged regularly, the kids would be in their 50s if in the present day. Maybe they could be involved with curing a major disease or discovering something involving aliens. Or perhaps they have a special bond with the extra-terrestrials and are the link between humans and aliens. Murphy likes to get creative so that he can run with this theme. 

Satan, another motif in Asylum, was already explored with Apocalypse. So if aliens and space are the next frontiers for American Horror Story, it’ll be scary good.