How and Why Queen Elizabeth Is Mentoring Kate Middleton

Being a member of the royal family has its pros and its cons. Sure, you get to travel all over the world and live in a real-life castle, but you are also expected to act a certain way while in public.

Because Kate Middleton will one day be the Queen Consort, she is expected to act more proper than other members of the family, like her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, for example. Although Middleton is under a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way, the way she presents herself in such a confident manner, you really can’t tell that she is under much pressure at all.

So, how does Middleton handle all of the pressures of being a royal with such poise and grace? As it turns out, it is easy to learn the ropes of the royal lifestyle when you have one of the longest-reigning British monarchs as your teacher. Here is what we know how Queen Elizabeth II is becoming a valued mentor to Middleton.

When did Kate Middleton first meet Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton
Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton | Oli Scarff – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Middleton first met the queen following her reconciliation with Prince William, after they decided to take a four-month break from their relationship. Middleton and the queen’s meeting happened when she was attending a wedding for Prince William’s cousin. 

In an interview about the first meeting, Middleton had said: “Well I first met her at Peter and Autumn’s wedding and it was in amongst a lot of other guests. She was very friendly, and yes, it was fine.”

Prince William, who was sitting beside Middleton during the interview, had acted as if he was also at the wedding. It was reported, however, that he was not at the wedding. Instead, he was in Kenya, attending a different wedding of one of his close friends. So, the fact that the queen had taken the time to meet Middleton and make her feel welcome at a wedding that she was attending alone was a lovely gesture.

What does the queen think of Kate Middleton?

After their first initial meeting, the queen seemed to be quite impressed with Middleton. While the queen has never been one to show her emotions to the public, she and Middleton have been spotted smiling and talking to each other at several different functions. After marriage, Middleton is now one of the queen’s grand daughter-in-law’s so their relationship is likely even stronger.

How Queen Elizabeth II has been a mentor to Kate Middleton

One huge part of being a queen is having to make frequent public appearances. According to US Weekly, Middleton sometimes envies Markle’s ability to step out in the public spotlight with ease. It may not look like it, but Middleton actually still gets a bit anxious whenever she is in front of big crowds. The entire royal experience is sometimes overwhelming to her.

However, her grandmother-in-law is stepping up and making sure that Middleton will one day be ready to take on her new role as the queen consort. In order to help ensure that Middleton does not become too overwhelmed with her duties whenever her husband becomes king, the queen has started to give small responsibilities here and there so that she is essentially able to take baby steps all the way up to the throne. This will help to give her more time to grow accustomed to her new role. 

A source close to the royal family had also told Us that the queen is taking the time to talk with Middleton and make sure that she is completely aware of where her new place will be in the monarch. The source said: “She’s really taken Kate under her wing. The two of them will often spend hours discussing royal life and the future of the monarchy.”