How Are Chandler Brooks from ‘Below Deck’ And Girlfriend Jamie Jason Spending the Holidays?

Jamie Jason | Jamie Jason Twitter

If they couldn’t get any cuter, Jamie Jason from Below Deck Mediterranean posted to her Instagram story about how she and boyfriend Chandler Brooks from Below Deck are spending the holiday weekend. Jason and Brooks seem bundled up and ready for a long winter’s sleep in the story, plus they do some reminiscing about one of Brooks’ childhood Christmases too.

Jason shocked Below Deck fans when she revealed she indeed was dating Brooks. Jason teased her Instagram followers for a few months until finally revealing who was her mystery man. How the couple met is still unclear but they appear to have been dating for some time.

Since the couple seems to be smitten with each other, it only makes sense that the twosome spends the holidays together too.

They watch a video of Brooks when he was a kid

Jamie Jason | Jamie Jason Instagram

As they lounge by the fire, Brooks and Jason watch a home video of a Brooks as a child. He appears to be playing with a toy snake in the blast from the past. The couple is giggling as Brooks says, “Many years of fun to come with that one,” as he watches the home movie on a large television screen.

Then Jason asks, “Are you wearing a onesie there?”  Brooks replies that he’s wearing his Batman pajamas. A glittering Christmas tree illuminates the room in the background.

And show off lounge attire

Jamie Jason | Jamie Jason Instagram

As she records her Instagram story, she pans the camera down to show what Brooks is wearing. “You are wearing a onesie now,” she says. Brooks appears to be wearing a long sleeve shirt and comfy pants, that could (or could not) be a onesie. Jason adds to her story that the couple are wearing onesies and having warm rum apple cider too.

The couple looks like they are hunkered down for winter weather, although Jason’s Instagram profile states she lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The state is going to be experiencing a cold snap over the weekend so they may be bracing for the “chill.”

Jason’s latest tweet confirms what fans already know

Clearly, Jason is “Team Brooks” all the way, but she made her feelings clear on Twitter in early December. She simply wrote, “So in love” with a heart emoji.

She has also clapped back at the haters who have less than admirable words about her boyfriend. “Don’t @ me! Im happy and healthy and don’t need your negativity on my personal choices to dull my vibe,” she tweeted. Jason also re-tweeted a sentiment she agreed with too. “I don’t and never will understand the need for people to be so damn nasty on social media. More often than not to people they don’t even know. If you have nothing valuable to add to the comment section, pipe the f**k down.”

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