How Are Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley and Roger Mathews Handling Co-Parenting 1-Year After Their Messy Split?

Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews might have had a rocky past, but they are now in a much better place.

A little more than a year after their messy divorce and abuse allegations, the former couple has found common ground and are no longer interested in keeping the bad blood between them.

Jenni Farley and Roger Matthews
Roger Mathews and Jenni “JWoww” Farley | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Instead, Farley and Mathews have been working together to co-parent their two kids and are actually “getting along great,” which is something none of us would’ve expected.

Mathews admits he’s on good terms with his ex-wife

Who said exes can’t be on good terms with one another?

Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews are proving that even though they have a tumultuous past, they can still get along for the sake of their kids.

While recently sitting down with Us Weekly, Mathews opened up about his co-parenting relationship with Farley. Though things were very rocky between them leading up to their divorce, the former reality star revealed that they are now on much better terms.

“We have been getting along great and are coparenting with no issues,” the Maine native admitted. “Also, we went to the kids’ Christmas play together last week — the kids, Jenni, [her boyfriend] Zack [Carpinello] and I. The kids are happy, Jenni and Zack are happy and I couldn’t be happier.”

Though the exes are more than happy to spend time together with their kids, they unfortunately won’t be spending the holidays as one big happy family.

“It doesn’t look like we will be spending Christmas together,” Mathews revealed.

While they won’t be together, Mathews revealed that daughter Meilani, 5, and son Greyson, 3 will still get to spend the day with both parents.

“I have the kids Christmas Eve till noon on Christmas Day,” he explained. “Then I’ll be dropping them off to Jenni.”

Farley and Mathews came to blows during their divorce proceedings

While we’re glad Farley and Mathews are no longer on bad terms, we’re actually surprised they were able to put their ill-feelings for one another to rest after everything that went down between them.

In September 2018, the Jersey Shore star filed for divorce from Mathews, just a month short of their three-year wedding anniversary.

Two months after going their separate ways, Farley and Mathews’ split turned nasty when the reality star got a temporary restrained order against her ex following a heated argument.

At the time, Roger alleged that the star was “hysterically shouting” at him and threatened to call the cops while they were fighting about her going back to work.

Later that night, Mathews alleged that the police woke him from his sleep and removed him from the home after being informed about the restraining order.

One month after this whole situation, JWoww shockingly accused her ex-husband of being abusive toward her during their marriage by posting a security cam video allegedly showing Mathews throwing her to the ground.

Eight months later, the former couple’s divorce was finalized.

“Jenni and Roger have reached an amicable conclusion and finalized their divorce,” the star’s rep Robyn Matarazzo told TMZ at the time. “They remain devoted to co-parenting their children in a happy and healthy environment and they both wish each other the best.”

While many of us thought Farley and Mathews wouldn’t even want to be in contact after all of their drama, we can see now that maintaining a friendly relationship is very important to them.

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Though it probably took them a while to get to where they are now, we can easily guess that Farley and Mathews are done with the drama and want nothing but positive vibes between them moving forward.