How Bad is LeBron James’ Injury and How Long Will He Be Out?

For those of us watching the NBA Christmas Day game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, we all witnessed LeBron James injure himself during the third quarter. It was apparent as soon as the Ohio native hit the floor that he was in a great deal of pain. Though he got up and tried adjusting his groin area as he chatted with team doctors, none of James’ stretches seemed to help ease his discomfort.

As a result, the power forward headed to the locker room well before the game ended. Luckily, his team was able to carry on without him — beating the Warriors 127 to 101. So how bad is the four-time NBA MVP’s injury and how long will he be benched?

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LeBron James has a left groin strain

It was obvious from the pain on James’ face that something wasn’t quite right with his groin area after he fell during the Christmas Day game. James tripped to the floor when trying to get control of the ball, and on his way down he overextended is left leg. Now, NBA doctors and an MRI have confirmed that James suffered a slight left groin strain. James has not missed a game yet this season, but for now, he’s going to have to rest and relax so that he does not reinjure himself cause any further strain. After the game, the 16-year NBA career veteran explained, “Then, I felt it coming down the court and actually overextended it again back on defense. So, just an unfortunate play.”

How long will James be benched?

LeBron James has been pretty healthy since coming into the league in 2003, but now he’s listed as day to day, and he will not be with his team when they play the Sacramento Kings tonight, Dec. 27th. Lakers coach Luke Walton said of James’ injury, “Obviously, we want him back soon as possible, but we also will be very cautious when we bring him back.”

James last sprained his groin in 2013 while he was still with the Miami Heat. He was out for just three days and missed only a single game. However, the basketball phenom was only 28 at the time. He’s just turned 34. As we age, it becomes more and more difficult for our muscles to recover.

Steph Curry’s insight

Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry who is both James’ friend and rival had a different experience when it came to strained groins. He thinks that James might be out for at least a week. In Nov. 2018, Curry strained his groin and went on to miss the Warriors next 11 games as a result. Curry explained to The Undefeated,

You got to take those first four or five days, that was what my experience was, to make sure you don’t do any more damage. You have to let the healing process start. That is one you can’t really rush. That is how I felt because it was such a delicate area. The biggest frustration is that you get to a point where you are pain-free, but you still have to be a little bit more cautious. I don’t know the severity [of LeBron’s injury], but becoming pain-free is just one step. And then you have to ramp up your load on the court to make sure everything you do won’t set you back. That is the one thing that you can’t afford with that injury, is to keep re-injuring it.

Hopefully, James’ recovery won’t be as frustrating as Curry’s experience.