How Badly Do Royal Fans Want Piers Morgan to Leave Meghan Markle Alone?

Over the past several months, TV personality, Piers Morgan hasn’t held back when discussing his feelings about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

In March, Morgan penned an op-ed about how the former actress has changed the Duke of Sussex. Now he is making the TV circuits discussing just what he thinks of Markle — and fans are none too happy about it.

Morgan met Markle through Twitter

During an appearance on Ireland’s The Late Late Show, Morgan detailed the relationship he had with the former Suits star. Morgan said that one evening he decided to follow four Suits stars on Twitter. He says within five minutes he received a DM from Meghan Markle.

Markle told Morgan that she was so excited that he was following her and that she was a huge fan. The talk show host said that the two began corresponding frequently and that Markle would even send him advance copies of Suits.

The two bonded pretty quickly

Morgan told Ryan Tubridy that he and Markle got along quite swimmingly. The two frequently corresponded on Twitter (both publicly, and privately, as he notes) and group messaged with other Suits stars.

When Markle told Morgan that she would be traveling to London to meet up with Serena Williams to watch a tennis match, Morgan invited her to his local pub (which he points out is ironically less than a mile from her current home at Kensington Palace).

The two got together, he enjoyed beer, her dirty martinis, and spent about two hours chatting. At the end of the night, they exchanged goodbyes and Morgan placed Markle in a cab.

Things changed when Markle met Harry

Piers Morgan
LPiers Morgan | Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Sentebale

That cab that Markle got in when she left Morgan, it turns out, was the same cab that took her to a party where she would meet her future husband, Prince Harry.

Morgan says that the actress met him at a party that night, went on a date with Harry the next, and he never heard from her again. He told Tubridy, “She ghosted me.” He says that the other Suits star ghosted him as well and he later found out that they were instructed to do so.

She’s probably ‘a little bit of a social climber’

Morgan caused waves when he initially called the Duchess of Sussex a social climber. But he says that he thinks that she is “using people on her way up.” He said that he really liked Markle, so that’s why it hurts so much. He adds that how she treated him was just plain rude.

He also noted that only one member of Markle’s family was at her wedding, saying that having any more than that would be too much of a risk.

On a recent appearance on Nine News Australia, the host asked Morgan, “Is Meghan really fake and a piece of work?” To which Morgan responded, “I’m sorry to have to say this, but I’m afraid to say I think she is.”

Twitter users are telling Morgan to back off, with one writing, “Leave Meghan alone,” and another telling Morgan to get a life. But does that hate for Morgan go beyond Twitter?

According to YouGov, 51% of Great Britain has a negative opinion of the talk show host, while only 27% or residents like him. 

Morgan is bitter about the way he was treated

Morgan’s comments about the duchess haven’t been a one-time thing. The host has appeared on more than one television show calling her a social climber and blames Markle for a change in the prince’s personality.

Morgan reminisced about the prince’s bachelor days of partying and drunken shenanigans and blames the duchess for a more “woke” Duke of Sussex.

It’s fair to say that the former America’s Got Talent judge was hurt by the loss of his friend. Are his statements accurate? Who knows. But there’s a good chance there’s more to the story that we will never know.

One thing’s for certain — as long as Morgan continues to talk bad about the Duchess of Sussex, people are going to continue to troll him online.