How Big Is Prince William and Prince Harry’s Feud?

If you’re on top of royal family news, then you like know Prince William and Prince Harry are reportedly feuding. These words have been plastered all over the internet for months.

But while the feud rumors get more intense, the explanation for them always seems to be written off. Even if some royalists claim that the brothers are getting along fine enough, there’s been a definite shift in their relationship over the last year or so.

Rumors of a feud began around Prince Charles’ 70th birthday

Prince William
Prince William | Daniel Leal-Olivas – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Around Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, news of tensions between the usual buddy-buddy brothers began surfacing. Apparently, William was being “grand” while Harry was feeling the suffocating hold of Kensington Palace all around him. Perhaps there were some frustrations between them because of Harry’s sour mood.

But it wasn’t until Harry told his brother that he intended to take Meghan Markle as his wife that things got serious. Big brother William had what he thought were wise words for his little bro. Sadly, William’s attempt to help by letting him know he was moving too fast with the Hollywood starlet only angered and hurt him.

Did the feud cause Prince Harry to break away from Kensington Palace?

By now you’ve probably heard all about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex separating from Kensington Palace. Not too long ago the newlywed couple asked Her Majesty if they could officially split their courts. She had no problems giving them the go-ahead, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge already have very different agendas. They took it a step forward and asked to be separate from Buckingham Palace, which the Queen vehemently denied, but that’s a story for another time

If you consider Harry’s desire to get out from under the “oppressive” hold of the higher-ups in his family, neither one of the requests is surprising. The real question is, did the brotherly feud have anything to do with the split? Many feel like the feud wasn’t the reason, it just so happens that the “boys” have grown up and the time for them to fly their separate paths has come.

Tensions were high between Prince William and Prince Harry on Easter

Rumors continued to get fired up on Easter which also happens to be Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Several outlets took a hard look at the ongoings and body language of the day, which undoubtedly led them to believe the feud was as prevalent as ever.

For one they didn’t arrive at the Church at the same time. Perhaps that’s just a coincidence. Secondly, they didn’t stand next to each other. This one is kind of weird. They used to be thick as thieves so for them not to take the time (especially with Markle absent) to catch up is a bit strange. Instead, Harry spent time with Peter Phillips, Zara Tindall, and their crew. Definitely unusual.

So what could have caused the obvious distance this time around? Well according to sources: “People are telling William, ‘Don’t worry. Your influence will grow and Harry’s will fade. This is peak Harry.'” That makes it seem like William may be at odds with his brother over popularity.

Considering Markle and Harry just got the job of a lifetime, one that would require a move to Africa, fans wondered if his popularity was to “blame” for the great opportunity. Perhaps William is getting a bit jealous over his brother’s sudden explosion into the spotlight. 

Well as it turns out, the lucky couple has intentions of hanging out the UK for some years, which means William’s time to shine may be delayed a bit more as many think the move to Africa was a means to get Harry out and William into the hot seat.

Perhaps Prince William’s rumored infidelity has fueled the fire

The rumors surrounding William’s affair certainly set the Internet ablaze. Royal family fanatics are pissed about William’s alleged cheating. No matter how you look at this, it’s terrible. But considering his father cheated on his mother and broke her heart, the intense reaction is no surprise. If strangers on social media are losing it over the infidelity, can you imagine how devastated Harry would be?

When William and Harry were young, Princess Diana held them near and dear to her. When their father was caught with another woman, it completely wrecked her and threw them into a messy divorce that was plastered all over the news. There’s no way the boys were able to turn a blind eye. For him to commit the same act would be unspeakable in the eyes of his younger brother. If there is even a slither of truth to these rumors or Harry doubts his brothers’ denial, this news would undoubtedly throw their relationship further down the drain.

So, how big is Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud anyway? 

William and Harry used to be inseparable. The bond as blood brothers was one that fans just loved to see, so when tensions arose, it was easily spotted. That being said all because they aren’t as close doesn’t mean there is an all-out feud. It is clear however that William’s words on that fateful day warning Harry about his relationship are still a weight on their brotherly love.

As royal biographer Katie Nicholl said: “The truth, as I was told from two very good sources who have known the boys for a long time, was that for the first time their relationship had really become stuck. There was quite a bit of tension between them.”

Sure things have gotten better, but the damage is done. While they may never get back to being the best buds they used to be, they will definitely move on to finding a new chapter into their relationship.