This Is How Camilla Parker Bowles Will Channel Meghan Markle During Her Upcoming Royal Tour

Though some royal fans are still puzzled by the vulnerability that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle displayed during their recent South African Royal Tour — not everyone in the British Royal Family has seen it as a blunder.

The Sussexes royal tour was seen as a triumph in general. However, after their revealing ITV documentary — Harry And Meghan: An African Journey, royal aids, members of the royal family and the British press and public seem uncertain about how to move forward. After all, the British Royal Family is used to proceeding with a stiff upper lip. 

Though many people are still questioning the wisdom of Markle and Prince Harry’s transparency — Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles is said to be taking a page out of her daughter-in-law’s book for her forthcoming Royal Tour to New Zealand.

How will Camilla Parker Bowles channel Meghan Markle abroad?

From November 17 to November 23, the Duchess of Cornwall and her husband, Prince Charles will be visiting New Zealand for a seven-day royal tour. With the Sussexes’ whirlwind royal tour in Africa and the Cambridges’ recent highly popular royal tour to Pakistan — the future Crowned King and the duchess have some tough acts to follow. For Parker Bowles in particular, though her popularity has grown in recent years –her history with the press and the public has been prickly.

During her tour to Africa — Markle focused on organizations involving women and children with causes near and dear to her heart. It appears that Parker Bowles will follow suit. In a recent statement, Clarence House announced,

The Duchess will continue her focus on key themes including domestic violence and literacy. The Prince and The Duchess will also see how the community has rallied to support the families affected by the two Mosque attacks in the city in March.

The royal couple will also advocate for environmental issues and ocean preservation.

Duchess Meghan Markle and Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles are very close

Though Markle has spent the last several months of her life focusing on being a new mom, one of the people that she’s closest to in the British Royal Family is Parker Bowles.

Like Markle, the Duchess of Cornwall knows what it’s like to be in a media firestorm. Also, she gave Markle the warmest welcome into the family. When the Sussexes announced their engagement in November 2017, Parker Bowles said,

America’s loss is our gain. We are all absolutely delighted. As you can see, they’re so happy. Sometimes in a climate where we’re surrounded by a lot of bad news, it’s a real joy to have a bit of good news for once.”

Meghan Markle helped Prince Harry reconnect with Prince Charles

The Duchess of Cornwall also respects Markle for helping to mend the relationship between her husband and his youngest son. A royal source explained to The Daily Mail,

Princes Harry and William were said to have blamed their father for being absent for much of their childhood, Markle helped heal that wound with her instant rapport with Prince Charles. Meghan met Charles and was bowled over by his charm. She told Harry he was wonderful, welcoming, warm, hard-working, kind and stable.

Meghan Markle might be helping to modernize the British Royal Family, but not everyone thinks that’s a bad thing.