‘This Is Us’: How the Cast Recovers From Doing All Those Emotional Scenes Might Suprise Fans

The stars of This Is Us tackle so many emotional scenes that fans often wonder how they handle the heavy material. The talented cast has their fans weeping every week as they believably deliver the material and leave viewers wanting more.

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Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore of ‘This Is Us’ | Maarten de Boer/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Milo Ventimiglia made his directorial debut

While chatting about the Oct. 22 This Is Us episode that Milo Ventimiglia directed, titled “Storybook Love,” co-star Mandy Moore praised him for the directorial debut. She told ET: “I’m a very proud friend.”

Moore added: “It was one of the best of our entire series, and I think that was pretty universal. I feel like the entire Internet would agree with that sentiment.”

Ventimiglia was quite straight forward in what he wanted to achieve with the episode, explaining: “My goal was to serve the actors, serve the story, serve the crew. Everybody really knocked it out of the park. Everybody showed up really prepared and ready to go and excited to be there. It was fun, and we had a good time.”

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore reveal one simple trick

Every episode, it seems, features emotional material, something that Moore and Ventimiglia have found a way to work through. How do they recover from heavy scenes?

It’s actually quite simple for them to return to a more stable headspace, as Ventimiglia explained, “Candy.”

Moore added: “We do, we get candy. When we need it. It’s like, Milo and I will look at each other and just go, ‘Snack time?'”

Ventimiglia shared the ease of their work environment

In addition to snacking, Ventimiglia shared that the cast can distance themselves from the work with a work environment that makes the mood light.

He explained: “There’s the work, and then there’s time with your friends, and your time with the crew. You’re there to do a job and when action is called you’re able to snap into it and when cut is called you’re able to get back into whatever else you’re doing.”

“It’s nice,” he continued, noting: “There’s no real thought of, ‘Oh god, I need to get away from the tough scene were doing right now.’ It’s just you’re in it, and then you’re back to normal life.”

Ventimiglia revealed one scene that was rough

In a 2018 interview with Today, Ventimiglia revealed the scenes from the show that make him cry and reflected on the moment he tells daughter Kate about his alcoholism. He explained: “That was difficult. Jack is not an emotional man. He’s not one to cry at all. And I think that was one of the hardest moments to not let me personally, my feelings of emotion pop out.”

The actor also shared how some of their stories speak to viewers, noting the show has started a conversation. He explained: “I think that conversation, that way of communicating on our show has helped a lot a people struggle and deal with loss and a lot of other issues. It humanizes and popularizes what other people feel the need to kind of push down and not show, especially within their families. So it’s a very positive thing, knowing that This is Us is causing discussion and helping people that are going through tough times like loss or other problems in life.”