How Close Is Meghan Markle With Kate Middleton’s Children?

Baby Sussex will be making his or her debut into the world any day now. Although we won’t be notified of the birth for a few days at least, we are excited nonetheless. A new baby is an exciting time for everyone, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

They are said to be over the moon about the upcoming birth of their first child, and that’s an understatement! Their families are pretty excited as well – Doria Ragland can’t wait to be a first-time grandmother, and the royal family is all set to welcome the newest member.

With recent rumors of a feud between sisters-in-law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, many fans have been left wondering just how close the Duchess of Sussex is with Kate’s children.

Who are the Cambridge kids?

Prince William and Kate have three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and little Prince Louis. The oldest is in the direct line of succession to become king someday, and he doesn’t even know about it yet.

Each child has an adorably unique personality, with Charlotte said to be somewhat cheeky, and George being the shyest of the three. Prince Louis just celebrated his first birthday and has a smile that is mesmerizing to fans around the world. 

Harry’s role as an uncle

Harry became an uncle a few years before meeting Meghan, and it was if he had been preparing for the role his entire life. The Duke of Sussex has always had a soft spot for children, and they adore him right back. Harry was elated when his first nephew was born and seems to be greatly enjoying his role as Uncle Harry.

He said in an interview several years ago that he knows that his mother, Princess Diana, would have absolutely loved being a grandmother, and how he couldn’t wait to become a father himself. 

Is Meghan close with the children?

Although they are not photographed together very often, it is certain that Meghan has a strong relationship with each of the three Cambridge children. The older two, George and Charlotte, served as a pageboy and bridesmaid in Meghan and Harry’s wedding almost a year ago.

At the christening of Prince Louis, Meghan was pictured attending the special event with a happy smile on her face. She and Harry also left a heartwarming birthday message for Louis as he turned one year old.

Will Kate be close with Baby Sussex?

There is no doubt that Kate is looking forward to the birth of Harry and Meghan’s first child. The baby will be a cousin to her own children, and they all have the wonderful advantage of growing up relatively close in age, so they can share many experiences together.

Chances are, Kate and Meghan will have a lot of royal playdates, both at Kensington Palace and Meghan and Harry’s new home in Windsor. Although Kate has not spoken publicly regarding her excitement for the new arrival, we can only imagine that behind closed doors, she is eagerly awaiting the news that the baby has been born. After all, she is like the rest of us in so many ways, and this is no exception.

Baby Sussex will strengthen Meghan and Kate’s relationship

Now that the duchesses have a chance to bond over the wonderful journey of motherhood, it is highly likely that their relationship will grow stronger.

Rumors of a rift are finally dying down, and fans are sure to see Kate spending as much time with Meghan, Harry, and the new baby as possible. She will definitely want her kids to get to know their new cousin, and we can only imagine that Kate wants to be close with the newest little royal.