How ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Will Top Season 2’s Biggest Fight

Cobra Kai brought The Karate Kid back for its fans from the ‘80s, and got a whole new generation involved with Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai karate. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprised their roles as Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence, now middle aged and rekindling their old rivalry. But they’re each teaching karate to new students now, creating all-new drama between them. Season 3 is already in production in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cobra Kai Season 2
Cobra Kai: Season 2 | YouTube

Stunt coordinators Hiro Koda and Jahnel Curfman are Emmy nominated for their stuntwork on season 2. When you see the epic high school finale, you can see why. That’ll be a tough act for season 3 to follow, but Koda and Curfman are up for the challenge. They told us what to expect from Cobra Kai season 3, and discuss some spoilers for season 2 in the process. Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on YouTube Premium. 

That cliffhanger won’t put the brakes on ‘Cobra Kai’ action

A major spoiler for the season 2 cliffhanger is that the injury of a student that occurs because of the fight makes Daniel promise to give up teaching karate altogether. That’s a natural reaction to such an accident, but it probably won’t last the whole season. Indeed, Koda and Curfman assure fans there’s still karate in season 3 of Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai Season 2
The Cobra Kais in Season 2 | YouTube

“The action does not stop,” Koda said. 

Curfman added, “It is not slowing down at all. There’s some fun stuff in the works for season 3. The fans will not be disappointed.”

How they’ll top the high school fight in ‘Cobra Kai’ season 3

Topping season 2 does not begin with Koda and Curfman. It starts with creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald. 

Cobra Kai Season 2
The Cobra Kai students | YouTube

“Well, you know, the writers will have to top it too,” Curfman said. “So we’ll see what they come up with as far as the big finale sequence this year. That’s the great thing is every season you’re getting more ideas.“

How the ‘Cobra Kai’ cast will be ready for a bigger fight in season 3

The good news is, whatever they write and whatever Koda and Curfman coordinate, the cast of Cobra Kai already has two years’ worth of karate training. They’ll only get better for season 3.

“Your cast is getting better,” Curfman said. “They’re becoming more talented. You’re able to do more things than you were a season before. We still have some tricks in the bag that we haven’t unleashed.”

‘Cobra Kai’ always keeps up with advances in action

Action gets more sophisticated every year. Just look at the leaps the John Wick series is making, plus all the Thai and Indonesian martial arts films adding to the mix. 

Mary Mouser in Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai season 2 films Mary Mouser practicing karate | YouTube

“If you think about when The Karate Kid movies first came out, it’s been 30 years since the movies came out,” Curfman said. “TV and feature films have changed quite a bit and people want to see action. I think the writers have taken that into consideration when they’re writing these scripts.”

Cobra Kai took The Karate Kid into the future, and will continue to every year.

“Not only do they have a very talented cast and create creators that are able to take the action to the next level, and they like to take advantage of that,” Curfman said. “I think all those things are the reason why you see more action now in Cobra Kai than you really did in the Karate Kid movies.”

‘Cobra Kai’ keeps adapting new styles into their martial arts too

Cobra Kai is based on The Karate Kid but there is more than just karate in their fights. Mixed martial arts have made blending styles fair game. 

Cobra Kai behind the scenes
Standing L-R: Hiro Koda, Jahnel Curfman, Peyton List. Kneeling L-R: Xolo Mariduena and his stunt double Noah Bain Garret | Jahnel Curfman

“I’ve trained in martial arts since I was a kid,” Koda said. “Martial arts have completely evolved from when I was a child to what the level of talent in martial arts, as far as competitive-wise has completely changed and evolved. We wanted to also, because we’re so far, over 30 years since the original Karate Kid, martial arts should have evolved.”