How Did a Photograph of Doria Ragland Change the Royal Family?

Royal fans everywhere can hardly contain their excitement over the new royal baby. According to his father, Prince Harry, Archie Harrison is “to die for,” and now that we have caught a glimpse of the newborn, we have to agree.

Just recently, Meghan Markle and Harry debuted their new son at St. George’s Hall, and now all the talk is about which parent he looks like more, whether he has the “Markle” nose, and if he has red hair like his dad. After showing off Archie, Meghan and Harry introduced him to his great-grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

During the visit, an iconic photograph was taken that is now making its way around the internet. The picture is of a smiling Meghan holding the baby, while Harry, Prince Philip, the queen, and most notably, Doria Ragland, look on with love and adoration. How did this photograph change the royal family forever?

Meghan Markle and Doria Ragland
Meghan Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland | Steve Parsons – Pool / Getty Images

A lovely picture

At first glance, just about no one would notice what is different about the picture as compared with other royal family photographs. After all, every family takes pictures of new babies and their grandparents, and the royal family is no exception. It is a wonderful picture and captures the connection between several generations.

The picture allows fans to see just how happy Archie’s birth has made all of his family members. However, there is one thing that makes this photograph even more special, more iconic, and more modern.

Pictures of the Cambridge children

Little Archie is by far not the first royal newborn to have a photograph taken. All of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children were photographed as newborns, and fans went wild over those pictures just as they are over this one.

The main difference? Kate Middleton’s family has never been included in a first official royal photograph of her children like Doria Ragland was, especially one that the queen appears in.

While it’s true that the Middleton family has posed for christening pictures along with Queen Elizabeth, there have never been photographs of them being present when she is introduced to a new great-grandchild.

This shows just how far the royal family has come in regards to adapting to more modern practices.

The family has treated Meghan’s mom wonderfully

In the year that Meghan and Harry have been married, it is safe to say Doria Ragland has gotten quite the special treatment. At the royal wedding, she was seen emerging from St. George’s Chapel after the ceremony, her arm linked through Prince Charles’s.

Fans absolutely did not see this happen with Carole Middleton at the wedding of William and Kate. In addition, Doria was invited to spend Christmas at the queen’s Sandringham Estate with the royal family this past year. Although she, unfortunately, had to decline the invitation, it did not go unnoticed by fans that Kate’s family has never once been invited to Sandringham.

We can expect to see a lot of Doria with baby Archie

Meghan and her mother are one of the closest mother-daughter duos that we know of. In addition, Doria is said to be extremely delighted about the birth of her new grandson, so we can only imagine that she will want to spend as much time with Meghan, Harry, and Archie as possible.

Harry and Doria get along wonderfully, so he will be over the moon at the idea of having her around. Although Kate’s parents definitely spend time with the Cambridge children, we do not see many pictures.

Fans are predicting that this will be much different with Meghan and Harry’s baby, and look forward to many photographs of Doria doting on baby Archie.