How Did Amy Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Meet Her Boyfriend, Chris Marek?

Fans have loved the Roloffs ever since they came to the reality TV scene over a decade ago with Little People, Big World. The show started off chronicling the lives of Amy and Matt Roloff, a couple with dwarfism who also had four children and a farm to look after. Through the years, family dynamics shifted, as now Amy and Matt are divorced and the Roloff children are all grown up — but fans adored them so much that they kept watching even through the heartbreak and drama.

Nowadays, both Matt and Amy are in serious committed relationships, and fans are wondering how Amy met her current boyfriend, Chris Marek. Here’s what we know.

They met at a singles mixer event, but it wasn’t love at first sight

Thanks to Amy’s Instagram, we get plenty of photos of her and Chris — but since they’ve been dating for so long, it’s hard to remember how they first met. CafeMom takes us back to a clip of Little People, Big World when Amy was talking to a friend about getting back into the dating scene with a singles mixer. Amy expressed having a lot of insecurities about her height when she attended the mixer that involved painting and drinking — and she also noted that after being married for 26 years, getting back into the dating scene was incredibly difficult. Even so, she attended the Paint and Sip event with an open mind.

At the event, both Chris and Amy were in attendance, though they didn’t hit it off at first. The singles were divided into groups of two to help each other paint their creations, and Amy was paired with another man, Bob. At the event she noted, “I’m definitely learning, as intimidating as being single may be, be adventurous, you know, take a chance. Just learn, really, to still be vulnerable.”

We know now that Bob wasn’t the next love of Amy’s life, but the event did allow her to connect with Chris. And later, he asked her if she’d like to go riding with him on his motorcycle — and from there, it’s all history.

They celebrated 2 years together last September

It’s hard to believe Chris and Amy have already been dating for over two years, but we remember how smitten she was with him on their first date. “I could have talked for hours and he just said so much … I could have been on this bike ride for hours,” Amy said in the video shared by CafeMom. On the date, she also said, “I want to get to know him. I find him attractive, I find him interesting, and I would hope that, you know, maybe he finds, you know, that in me a little bit.”

We know for sure that Chris also finds Amy interesting and attractive, and fans loved their two-year anniversary photo that they took together. “Anniversary! What? Where did two years go? It’s been a wonderful adventurous and full of lovely special moments of dating with this guy,” Amy captioned the photo. And from spending quality time together with each others’ families or just on dates one on one, it’s clear Amy and Chris are meant to be together.

Is an engagement in the future? Fans think so

The ultimate sign of commitment to each other would be marriage, and fans are starting to wonder if they’ll be hearing wedding bells in the near future for Amy and Chris. Late in December a photo Amy posted to Instagram of her and Chris had fans positing that they were actually already engaged without making a prior announcement. The photo shows the two in front of the chapel on Roloff farms, which is where many other members of the Roloff family have chosen to tie the knot in the past.

Good Housekeeping notes many fans rushed the comments section of the photo to ask the question. “You’re engaged, aren’t you!?!???!!” one asked. Another said, “Could this be a hint of things to come?” For now, it seems Amy and Chris are still taking their time and enjoying each other’s company before making any huge commitments, but we’re all excited to see what the future holds.

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