How Did Andy Cohen Know He Was Ready for Fatherhood?

Bravo television personality and Real Housewives superfan Andy Cohen made headlines earlier this year when he revealed that was soon to be a father. 50-year old Cohen welcomed his son Benjamin Allen Cohen via surrogate on February 4th, and fans around the world rejoiced for him. While Cohen is renowned as someone who loves to party and doesn’t like to turn down a cocktail, he’s often spoken about his longing for a family. How did Cohen arrive at his decision to become a father? We break down Cohen’s path to fatherhood and family.

Did Andy Cohen always want children?

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1968, Andy Cohen has worked in the world of broadcast journalism for many years. After a decade behind the scenes, acting as producer for such successful shows as The Early Show and CBS This Morning, Cohen started becoming familiar to audiences as a host on Today and The View.

In 2009, Cohen scored the gig he is still best known for today, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The show began as a wild and funny way to discuss pop culture, with a focus on the Real Housewives franchise. Over the years, the show has remained incredibly popular, and notable celebrities (and a wide variety of colorful characters to tend the on-set bar) drop by on a weekly basis to dish the dirt with Cohen and chat about various topics of the day. Cohen has also stayed busy with hosting gigs as well as writing and has published two memoirs. Though he has enjoyed incredible success in his career, Cohen has always longed for more – and he has been open about how he’s always had the urge to be a father. Growing up in a large family, surrounded by siblings and cousins, Cohen always hoped that children might be in his future.

When did Cohen decide to pursue surrogacy?

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Andy Cohen decided to take the first step towards fatherhood when he observed his close friends tucking in their children at night. In a recent interview on the Today show, Cohen revealed that he realized at that point there was no better time to realize his dream of fatherhood. He explains that his day to day life had become monotonous and that he was really ready for the adventure that parenthood would bring.

He also credits his dog Wacha as an inspiration to finally become a father. In a 2017 interview, Cohen revealed that by taking care of his dog, he started to understand how fulfilling it could be to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own. Although a child is certainly a bigger responsibility than a pet, it is likely that Cohen has had enough experience being around his friends with small children, as well as his own nieces and nephews, to realize just how much work (and how much joy) awaits him with little Benjamin Cohen.

In order to protect the privacy of his surrogate, Cohen has revealed few details about the pregnancy and delivery of his son. He waited to announce the baby’s impending arrival until about six weeks prior to the due date, just to be on the safe side. However, his fans know he loves to share on social media and will be able to look forward to many adorable snapshots of baby Cohen in the days to come. For Andy Cohen, fatherhood is a dream come true, and one that for many years, he thought might never be possible. Fortunately, his lifelong dream has become a reality and the Bravo star can now enjoy the most precious gift of all!